Signs It’s Time To Leave A Relationship

    Some goodbyes can be really painful, but the same is even more true for a person who tries to stay in an abusive relationship. Toxic relationships are some of the worst experiences that a person can go through, and even when there are things worth enduring pain for, there are others that simply aren’t worth the adverse impact on your mental, emotional, and psychological health.

    The trick lies in being able to identify the signs that it’s time to part ways with your partner. Love is a powerful force, and so is infatuation. They can easily cause a person to hold onto a relationship that should otherwise be avoided like the Coronavirus.

    Now, what signs should be enough to indicate that a relationship is better left behind?

    Condescending Speech

    Sarcasm isn’t necessarily bad and sometimes it can even be a form of endearment, but when it becomes habitual, where your partner constantly speaks down to you even when you’ve made them aware that it bothers you, then you might need to consider leaving the relationship. Again, sarcasm isn’t necessarily bad, rather, it’s when the sarcasm is laced with condescension. 

    Dismissive Behavior

    When your partner dismisses your presence and acts as if you aren’t there even when you’re together, it’s time to reveal your feelings to your partner. It’s normal to have difficult days, but when your partner ignores you for several days, it should be treated as a sign that you need to reevaluate your relationship and whether there’s even a connection to speak of.


    Habitual lying and manipulating should be treated as attempts to deceive you. Even white lies will add up in a relationship and will hurt the trust that you should be giving each other. As we all know, open and honest communication is one of the foundations of a happy relationship. If the lies and hidden agendas bother you to a point where you have to decode whatever your partner is saying, then it’s going to be difficult to trust each other. This will also be the cause of communication breakdowns.


    Whether you decide to stay in the relationship in the wake of infidelity is completely up to you. However, if your partner still keeps things from you even after the cheating, you need to consider the strong possibility that you might not be your partner’s main squeeze, especially when your partner knows that in order to regain your trust, they need to be honest with you. 

    Seeking investigative fury from your partner isn’t worth the time and effort when you could be seeking clearer skies and rebuilding yourself so that you don’t become a toxic person yourself. This is especially true for married couples where the need for a good family law attorney like the ones from Charles Ullman cannot be overstated. Nobody wants to share their assets with a person who cannot be trusted in the first place.

    Relationships are great to have, but being tied to a toxic relationship will not only hurt you in the short term, but it may leave emotional scars that will impede your growth. Not all battles are worth fighting, and not all those who are alone are lonely. Between your dignity and poor company, always, always be strong and choose the former.


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