Must-Have Gear for Urban Exploring

    There are many reasons as to why you might want to delve into urban exploring, be it your love of architecture, curiosity for the unknown, or simply a desire to get out and do something different. Either way, one thing remains the same, which is the fact that certain items are essential to your expeditions. 

    Some pieces of urban exploration gear will make your trips more comfortable and enjoyable, while others can quite literally be life-saving. There are also some additional pieces of gear that might not be absolutely necessary but can prove useful in specific situations. Here’s a list of the must-have gear for a safe and exciting urban exploration adventure.


    Since urban exploring is all about heading into environments that are long abandoned, it’s important that your body is protected from the harmful surfaces that could otherwise leave you needing a tetanus shot. Of course, a pair of gloves goes a long way in serving this purpose, keeping your hands safe when opening doors and moving past obstacles. 


    A backpack is the ideal solution for storing anything and everything that you decide to take with you on your trips. Unlike cross-body bags or similar alternatives, a backpack will stay close to your body and out of the way when you traverse the environment. 

    Opt for one that sits tightly against your back and provides a number of different storage compartments for organization. Ideally, it should also be lightweight and weatherproof. The latter is especially important for keeping your possessions safe when darker clouds start rolling in. 

    Respirator and Goggles

    As for whether or not these two pieces of gear are a must-have largely depends on where you plan on going, but there are some reasons why it’s better to keep them on hand. A respirator will protect your lungs from dust, asbestos and other harmful chemicals. Goggles will protect your eyes from unexpected debris in factories and abandoned buildings.

    First Aid Kit

    No matter where you go, a first aid kit is key to your wellbeing. It will help you adequately deal with everything from small cuts and grazes to open wounds. Consider your next destination when choosing your first aid kit. For instance, if you’re planning a longer journey, a kit with nutritional supplements such as glucose may prove more useful. 

    Electric Bike 

    Any compact and capable form of transportation will go a long way in making your journeys easier. For less demanding environments, an electric skateboard could fit the bill. However, a bike that’s aided by electric power will be the best option, no matter how rough the destination might be. 

    Rungu bikes are very rugged and will allow you to reach faraway areas while expending minimal amounts of energy. The unique two-wheeled design in the front, coupled with a combination of internal and rear-wheel gearing means that no hill will be too steep, while the anti-pinch flat tire liners will help you avoid dealing with a flat at the worst of times. If you want to go a step further, you could order one from


    A torch, headlamp or flashlight serves two useful purposes. The most obvious is that it will help you see into dark areas and explore spaces that would otherwise prove inaccessible. Perhaps a more important reason is that it can help you in rescue situations. Be sure to keep a spare battery or another flashlight in your backpack just in case. 


    If you’ve done any research on urban exploring, you’ll know the importance of being dressed for the job. This is especially true when it comes to your footwear. A comfortable and durable pair of boots will protect your feet from moisture and injuries, as well as making it easier to traverse certain surfaces.


    Some other essentials can include a GPS device, polarized sunglasses, and sunblock. By having all the right gear, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that you’re equipped for any situation.


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