Straightforward Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

    Spending prolonged hours in your home office is inevitable these days. However, staring at the same 4 walls and shifting around in the same uncomfortable seat all day, won’t do your productivity any favours. Whether you’re running your own business or you’re working from home as a temporary solution to the global pandemic. Working from home isn’t as easy or relaxed as it sounds.

    Comfort and productivity go hand in hand. So with this in mind, we’ve gathered some straightforward ways to make your home office much more comfortable. Read on.

    Bring your office to life

    Dull walls? You don’t need to pick up a paintbrush or a roll of wallpaper to completely transform your office space. All you need is a couple of your favourite phone photos and access to It’s never been easier to get photos on canvas online. You can even choose the size and the finish of your chosen product. Displaying your favourite pictures of friends, family, or your holidays will add a touch of personality to your office space. Making you feel more at home and much more relaxed. 

    Home Office

    Invest in the right chair

    Ever wondered why traditional HR departments are incessant about correct posture and sitting technique whilst at your desk? It’s because bad chairs and sitting habits will have a detrimental impact on your health over time. So, to make your home office comfortable make sure you’re investing in the right chair. An ergonomic seat will ensure all the right areas of your body are correctly supported. Reducing the likelihood of back, neck and tissue damage. Remember, comfort and productivity go hand in hand! Additionally, ensure your home office is equipped with a reliable connection like the internet from HyperFiber to support your work needs seamlessly.

    Say no to clutter

    If you’re already working within a limited space, then keeping it clutter-free will help maximise comfort whilst minimising stress and frustration. Get into the habit of clearing your desk every evening. And spending a few minutes each morning before work, to organise your desk. A clutter-free home office will make your working day much more comfortable. The same is true for large bulky technology. Swapping a large computer for a laptop is a great way to create space, and opting for a home-office-friendly desktop scanner can do the same! The Scanner Shop currently offers a 3-year Warranty Promotion on their Brother Document Scanners, so be sure to check them out!

    Get the lighting right

    Having a workspace in an area that is flooded with natural light is always best. In terms of comfort and practicality. However, not everyone has that luxury. To keep working comfort levels high, invest in a good quality desk lamp and an overhead light to ensure your desk is well lit. Be wary of glare from your screen, as there may be a little trial and error to get your lighting preference right

    Consider blue light blocking glasses

    Looking after your eye health is important, especially when you’re spending extended hours in front of a screen. Blue light blocking glasses reduce your exposure to blue light. Helping to preserve your vision and reduce the likelihood of digital eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and neck and back pain.

    And finally, plenty of snacks and good coffee

    Keeping your body and mind fuelled throughout the day will keep you comfortable and productive. Focus on keeping your hydration levels high, and remember to sip on water, not just coffee! 


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