7 Tips For Bringing Some Class to Your Outdoor Cooking

    Is there anything better than spending some quality time with your close friends and family? It can make the daily grind of work bearable, knowing you’ve got something to look forward to on the weekend. 

    There are proven benefits to socialising, and what better way to socialise than by firing up the gas BBQ and inviting your nearest and dearest over? But what if your outdoor cooking lacks a certain pizazz? So, if you want to spruce up your sausage skills and bring some class to your grilling, read on!

    Marinate Your Meat

    One way you can inject some class into your outdoor cooking game is by marinating your meat. There are a zillion greatest marinate recipes online, so get searching. Marinating will add some extra dimensions of flavour to that protein. Each time you host a BBQ, try a different marinade or two for your meat. This way, you begin to get a sense for what you and your guests prefer in terms of flavours. 

    Offer a Wide Selection of Drinks

    Whether you’re cooking for friends at home or opening a new wine bar in town, you’ll need a great selection of beverages. Make sure to pick wines and beers that will complement and contrast the food you’re serving. For example, if you’re frying prawns or other seafood opt for white wine. Get some nice craft beers as well, as these go down a treat at an outdoor event. 

    If you have designated drivers, there are some brilliant zero or low alcohol beers on the market these days, so they can still enjoy a brew without having to worry about getting home safely. 

    Wine glasses clinking together

    Got Sauce?

    No outdoor amateur chef is complete without a wide selection of sauce as well as your staples such as tomato, BBQ and mustard, try some variety such as hot sauces and other exotic kinds. 

    Cater to the Plant-Based Folks

    It’s 2021 after all, and chances are some of your guests will prefer plant-based protein. Get some vegetable burgers, koftas, vegetable sausages, or even just grill some tasty corn. You may find that even your carnivore friends enjoy mixing it up a bit. 

    What’s on the Side?

    Surely you’re not just serving up grilled meat or protein? Make sure you serve some delicious, fresh salads too. Mix these up as well. For instance, you could serve up a regular garden salad but include some tasty goat’s cheese. Or you could try this light and tasty spinach and parmesan salad

    Research Different BBQ Dishes

    Many different cultures have mastered the art of the grill. Don’t feel locked into cooking the same old cuts of meat the same way every time you host a shindig. Get online and research different ways of BBQing. For instance, Argentina has a massive grilling culture, and there are Japanese, Brazilian, Filipino and German methods of BBQ cooking too. Expand your repertoire, and you’re sure to impress your guests with your culinary methods. 

    A Cooking Conclusion

    In this useful blog, we’ve highlighted some tips and tricks to bring a touch of class to your outdoor cooking. Marinate your meat, and try different ways of marinating each time. Offer a wide selection of beverages, and don’t forget to cater to the designated drivers. Provide a wide variety of sauce for those added flavours, and make sure that you look after your plant-based mates as well. Consider your salad options, as this can add that extra special something to an outdoor meal. Finally, experiment with different ways of BBQ cooking – take inspiration from other cultures. 


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