How to Choose the Perfect Wine for Date Night

    Are you getting ready for that iconic date night where you need everything to go perfectly? From the choice of wardrobe to the restaurant and the perfect wine – you’ll want everything to go smoothly so you can leave the best impression and secure another date with your sweetheart. Be it your first date or one of the firsts, presenting yourself as a knowledgeable wine person will get you points with your date every time. So, if you’re unsure of the way to pick the right wine for date night, check out the following tips.  

    Ask about their wine preferences

    One of the first things every gentleman needs to know before ordering wine at a restaurant or buying it for an at-home dinner date is their partner’s wine taste. Do they drink wine often and have a favorite? Do they like wine in the first place? If you want to be subtle, start discussing wines beforehand and try to find out about their wine preferences without asking them directly. Don’t be ashamed to learn information about your date. It’s best to know where they stand on the wine subject than to order a bottle of exquisite red wine only to find out they don’t enjoy it. 

    Consider the food you’ll eat

    The choice of wine always depends on the food you’ll be ordering. Or the other way around. Sometimes, you might crave a bottle of rich white wine, in which case you’ll want to have fish as your main course. Any seafood and shellfish, as well as chicken and pork will go well with dry white wine. Although, delicate reds can complement the taste of fish nicely too. Are you a meat lover? Go with Cabernet Sauvignon if you order rich meat. A sweet shiraz pairs flawlessly with cheese and steak. When enjoying Vietnamese, Indian, or Thai food, pair them with sweet whites to offer your palate a nice balance of flavors. 

    Accept the sommelier’s help

    Some people don’t know the first thing about wines. That’s why sommeliers will be open to giving advice about the best wine to have with your main course or dessert. They’ll know to recommend a dry and sweet fruity soave if you decide to have lobster, scallops, or maybe grilled poultry for dinner. An experienced sommelier will also warn you about avoiding very high levels of alcohol and choosing a bottle of Riesling if they see you’ve ordered spicy food.

    Don’t choose the most affordable wine

    Are you trying to leave a good impression on your date and make them feel like they’re having the most delectable wine from one of California’s exceptional wineries? Don’t order the cheapest bottle or glass of wine from the menu. It’ll give away the impression that you don’t care too much about the date but worry more about money. If you truly want to save up, consider an at-home date with a bottle of wine your date won’t know the cost of. Every restaurant offers at least five to six different types of wines, if not more. Among them you’ll find decently priced ones, so choose the middle ground instead of the most affordable option.

    Remember the appropriate temperature for wine

    Wine is always best served chilled. You don’t put ice in your wine as in spirits, so you’ll want to put it in the fridge for an at-home date. During a date at a restaurant, you won’t have to worry about the temperature. White, sparkling, and rose wines are chilled at 40- and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to full-bodied whites or lighter reds, they taste best when kept at 50 to 60 degrees F. For full-bodied reds, go for 60 and 65.

    Final thoughts

    The choice of wine can make or break the entire dining experience. Therefore, if you don’t know your way around the best wines to have with certain foods, ask for the sommelier’s help. Alternatively, you have our listed tips to help you pick the best wine for your future dates regardless of location. 


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