Trends in Men’s Plastic Surgery

    Male plastic surgery is on the rise, reports the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), with men making up approximately 25% of patients seen by plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Fuelled by the remote work boom and the rise of video conferencing and Instagram, men are becoming more aware of areas they wish to change in their faces and bodies. If the topic of aesthetic medicine fascinates you and you wish to know the biggest trends for men in the sector, read on.

    Medical Tourism

    Remote work and the ability to successfully recover from surgery while working in any location have enabled male patients to shop statewide to reduce the cost of plastic surgery. There is a big difference, for instance, in the price charged by most plastic surgeons in NJ and OK, with the latter often offering excellent, safe, identical procedures at a reduced cost. States like Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, meanwhile, are known for charging some of the highest rates in the nation. As such, one of the most important trends involves destination choice, and medical tourism enables patients to recover in a new, appealing place while also working from their hotel or rented home if necessary.

    Nose Reshaping

    Rhinoplasties involve breaking part of the nasal bone to create a new shape that is more in line with the patient idea of harmony. With a typical downtime of less than a month, this procedure can involve the use of Piezoelectric technology (an ultrasonic system of reshaping bone that reduces post-surgical bruising). Sometimes, patients and doctors opt to ditch the knife and choose filler injections (which are temporary but capable of correcting many issues instantly).

    Chin and Jaw Implants

    A square jaw is one of the typical characteristics that Hollywood actors are famed for and now, these features are being sought after by Instagram-conscious patients who value strong jawlines. The procedure involves placing an implant along the jawline (and, if desired, chin) to create a more pronounced look. An alternative to implants in the ‘sliding genioplasty’ procedure. It involves repositioning the chin to correct receding or protruding chin shapes and/or corrects facial asymmetry.

    Male Breast Reduction

    This procedure involves the surgical correction of gynecomastia (enlarged or overdeveloped breasts in men). It can involve liposuction and/or the removal of breast tissue and skin. Sometimes, gynecomastia only affects one breast, in which case only that breast is targeted during surgery.

    Tummy Tucks

    Sometimes, regardless of how much work you invest in the gym, you can have stubborn tummy fat. If so, aesthetic doctors often recommend one of the procedures: CoolSculpting or fat freezing (which is non-surgical) or a tummy tuck. The latter can involve removing fat and/or excess skin, creating a tighter, tauter-looking abdomen.

    Both women and men are ensuring that plastic surgery is enjoying a new ‘heyday’. For men, some of the most popular procedures are nose reshaping, chin and jaw implants, male breast reduction, and tummy tuck. Another big trend in the sector is medical tourism, with many men in the US traveling interstate while working remotely or simply taking a vacation.


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