Do Beard Growth Oils Actually Work?

    Beard products are all the rage at the moment. From oils to wax bars, it seems that almost overnight, everyone with a beard became incredibly passionate about their facial hair.

    Alongside the typically pleasant-smelling oils and wax spreads, only a smaller niche of beard owners will be interested in one type of product: beard growth oil.

    Purported to help encourage healthy beard growth and often containing high-quality CBD oil, beard growth oil has recently exploded in popularity.

    However, the question is; do they really work?

    What Is Beard Growth Oil?

    Beard growth oil is a pretty nebulous term, and it generally refers to all kinds of different beard products with different origins and ingredients.

    Generally, though, beard growth oil is any oil that is designed to not only help make your beard look attractive but also to help it grow. Typically, these oils contain several micronutrients and other potentially beneficial ingredients to help facilitate beard growth.

    Some even contain CBD oil as the primary active ingredient since CBD may help encourage beard growth.

    But how does CBD work, and how could it potentially help beard growth?

    How Could CBD Oil Help Beard Growth?

    CBD oil is essentially an oil, typically something like coconut oil or hemp seed oil, containing a measure of extracted CBD. The CBD originates from CBD-rich hemp plants and is then infused into the oil, providing one of the easiest and purest ways to imbibe CBD.

    The idea of using CBD as a topical, rather than taking it orally, is not a new one, and there are all sorts of topical products on the market beyond CBD oil. From CBD shampoos to traditional CBD healing salves, there are a surprisingly large number of different uses for CBD.

    One of the latest and most popular, however, is using it to help encourage hair growth, especially beard growth.

    But indeed, how is it that CBD can help a person grow hair?

    Interestingly enough, some studies have shown that CBD can help speed up the growth rate of hair follicles.

    This obviously does not pertain to places where there is no hair, to begin with; a person needs hair follicles to grow hair. No matter how effective any product is, it cannot make hair follicles from nothing.

    Instead, CBD oil has the potential to help increase the rate at which hairs grow, essentially speeding up the natural growth rate.

    However, this is still a contested subject, with more research being conducted to determine if it truly works.

    The real reason that CBD oil seems to help beards grow longer may be that it can help reduce inflammation. If the skin surrounding hair follicles is swollen from inflammation, the hair will look longer by comparison if the inflammation is treated.

    However, there is most likely one big reason why beard growth oils seem so effective, and it actually doesn’t have anything to do with CBD.

    How Beard Growth Oil Probably Really Works

    Trying to maintain a beard can be surprisingly hard work. It isn’t as easy as letting it grow on its own and enjoying its luscious length – a beard owner has to maintain it actively.

    This means regular trimming, washing, and even conditioning, as well as making sure the beard remains brushed and free of knots.

    Beard oils have an excellent place in any beard care routine, primarily because they help improve the lusciousness of the beard by oiling it. Beard oil users frequently report that it seems like their hair grows after using it.

    However, a hidden benefit of adding beard oil to a beard maintenance regimen likely has a lot to do with the fact that the user is taking care of their beard, to begin with.

    A beard is made up of many hundreds or thousands of hairs. When the hair gets brushed or manipulated in any way, the hairs can separate from one another, breaking their entanglement in knots and allowing them to stand appropriately in the beard.

    The user needs to comb and actively work the oil in when using beard oil. This puffs up the beard, making it appear more luscious and vibrant, as well as much longer than it did before.

    While the oil seems to make the beard longer, it simply gives the beard owner a reason to clean their beard.

    So Does Beard Growth Oil Really Work?

    There is, as of yet, not a lot of evidence that beard growth oil encourages faster beard growth.

    However, beard growth oil appears to help promote more healthy beards and better beard maintenance in general.

    It could be that beard growth oil works, or that beard oil helps make a beard look longer. But really, can anyone argue if the results are there?

    Whether or not they magically increase the length of beard hairs, they do make the beard seem fuller, richer, and, most importantly, healthier.


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