Top 14 Remedies to Protect you from Dry and Itchy Skin

    Winters are around the corner, and you people might be very much concerned about your skin because of excessive dryness and itchiness. Are you struggling with these issues? These issues are common in everyone, so for all those who have been looking for a solution they are at the right place because we have gathered few remedies to protect your skin from dryness and itchiness. Take a look and do let us know how much these remedies are useful to get rid of these issues.

    Take a Bath of Baking Soda

    Have you ever tried bathing with baking soda? Add one cup baking soda in warm water and soak yourself in it for at least 20-25 minutes because it moisturizes your body. Dry yourself with a towel and see the result. You will see your skin nourished, and it will reduce dryness.

    Icepacks for Itchiness

    Have you ever used icepacks for itchiness? It reduces itchiness to some extent and gives you instant relief. Hot water is also the best solution for this, but it would be a temporary thing because it leaves skin itchier after getting dry. 

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    For all those who have dry and itchy skin, apple cider vinegar works well for them. Take 2-3 cups of vinegar and mix in your bathwater. Soak yourself in this for at least 15-30 minutes. It would be the best solution for instant relief from excessive dryness that causes in winters.

    Use Essential Oils

    Nowadays, essential oils are trending, and everyone has these oils in their cupboards. If you people want to get rid of soothing and inflammation, then essential oils are best. Have you tried agrimony oil, basil oil, chamomile and lavender, peppermint and thyme oil? These are best for dry and sensitive skin. It’s up to you, how would you use these serums? Apply directly or add a few drops in the bathtub. Doctor always recommend these serums for giving you people relief from itchy skin. If you have any major skin concerns, then don’t forget to take assistance from your doctor.

    Lavender oil

    Coconut Milk

    It’s the best thing that would act as a savior for your skin. Coconut milk reduces dryness and helps you to fight against dark spots and blemishes. Just apply directly over face and leave it overnight/ you would be amazed after seeing results. 


    Do you know mint contain anti-inflammatory properties? It keeps your skin fresh and glowing as well. Take 1 ounce of dried mint leaves in boiling water. Cover and let it cool. Strain the tea, dip the cloth in it and apply to the affected part.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is the best thing for dry and itchy skin. All you people need to take a slice of aloe vera and squeeze all the gel out to apply itchy skin. It will moisturize the skin and keep away all the impurities away from penetrating to the skin. It gives a tight feeling to the skin and hydrates as well.

    Stay Away From Alcohol and Caffeine

    Alcohol and caffeine always dehydrate you, and these are the worst things for itchiness and excessive dryness. If you want to keep yourself hydrated, then don’t consume alcoholic drinks and If you are consuming it then you must consider a rehab center. It will make your condition even more worst. Keep yourself hydrated with water and fresh juices. You can also go for detox water because it flushes out all the impurities from the body and gives you fresh and glowing skin.

    Use Humidifier

    Humidity is essential in the environment, and everyone must have a humidifier in their room. It releases water into the air and soothes your skin. Humidify your environment because it is going to give you the biggest relief.

    Use Glycerine

    You might have tried out various remedies with glycerin because it moist dry skin and keep it hydrated. You can try out other remedies, or use rose water with glycerin for outstanding results. Add this to your skincare regime to get rid of dryness.

    Oil Massage

    Take a few drops of olive oil or almond oil and whatever oil you find suitable to your skin and massage with light hands-on everywhere. Do a massage and don’t forget to heat the oil before applying because it is going to give you relief from dryness. Do this before taking a shower and apply light moisturizer or sunscreen. 

    Apply Thyme tea

    Take thyme leaves and boil. Cover and let it cool for some time. Strain, dip a clean cloth in the tea and then apply it on the affected area. Thyme has huge anti-inflammatory properties and known for reducing inflammation. If you haven’t ever tried this yet then give a try because it is one of the effective remedies. 

    Use Dry Fruits

    Do you people know dry fruits have vitamin A, B and E? it keeps your skin hydrated and fulfil the deficiency of those vitamins that lead you, people, to dry skin. It restores moisture, and you people can treat excessive dryness. 

    Milk and Honey

    Milk is also the best solution to help you out in dryness. Apply milk over dry skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties to give you soothing feeling. Milk bath can also help out people in this. Mix milk and honey and apply it to the skin for at least 15 minutes. It would be an excellent solution to protect your skin this winters.

    These are the few remedies that we have listed out for all those who are facing excessive dryness and itchiness this winter. Try these out, and if you all have severe issues, then don’t forget to consult your doctors for further suggestions. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and stay away from all the prohibited things that cause dehydration because dehydration is one of the main root cause of all the dryness and other skin diseases. Apply good moisturizers and sunscreens to protect your skin from sunrays of winters as well.


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