Protein For Weight Loss and Does it Work?

    There are plenty of activities that individuals engage in to lose weight, such as exercise, and going on diets. Exercise can be quite effective. As we have seen plenty of transformations from people who have consistently gone to the gym. However, this is not always easy for everyone. Especially for those who are always quite busy with work and such responsibilities. The alternative would then be dieting. 

    There are different forms of diets, such as the South Beach diet, or the Mediterranean diet. Some diets also work by the emission or reduction of one type of food group. Such as carbohydrates, while others incorporate more protein as a means of weight loss. Let’s expand on that further.

    Protein for Weight Loss

    There are certain benefits to incorporating a bit more protein into your diet. Since protein helps in building muscle mass as well as repairing the cells in your body. Another benefit of protein is the fact that it helps in weight loss. The following are ways in which protein will help you achieve this:

    1. Protein has a filling effect

    One of the easiest ways to cut down on weight without having to necessarily go on a diet or joining a gym is by adding more protein to your diet. This is attributed to the fact that protein helps to reduce the hunger hormone. And in turn, increases the level of the hormone that makes you feel full. As such, adding more protein to your breakfast, for instance, will help you feel much more full for longer periods and thus overall reducing your calorie intake in a day. 

     2. Reduces cravings

    We have all been there, indulging in unhealthy late-night snacks. Such as crisps and soda, which are quite high in sugar levels and consequently, calories. To curb this habit, you might want to have protein-packed meals during the day. One of the beneficial functions of protein is that it is used to regulate hormone levels in your body, including dopamine which is attributed to cravings. As such, having a protein-rich diet will significantly reduce your cravings even during any time of the day and prevent you from packing on those extra pounds.

    3. Boosts metabolism

    Maintaining a high protein diet will boost and improve your metabolism, thus enabling your body to burn more calories. Moreover, studies have shown that when food is being broken down, there is a certain number of calories that are burned to achieve this objective. Digestion of protein requires more calories to be burned, and as such, the higher your protein intake, the larger the number of calories burned. 

    Lifting weights off rack

    Further tips for weight loss

    If you maintain a high protein-based diet, there is a big likelihood that you will reduce your weight. However, there are more things that you can do to complement this and ensure that you achieve your target goals:

    1. Keep track of your progress

    Maintaining a record of your progress will help you look back at how far you have come on days when you are feeling discouraged and help you get motivated once more. You can easily do this through various health apps or even through smart scales such as Fit Track Dara which measures your weight and BMI over a while. The scale can also keep up to 17 measurements ready on demand.

    2. Maintain an overall healthy and balanced diet

    In as much as you need a high amount of protein for weight loss, you must also incorporate healthy carbohydrates and fats in your diet, as they are essential for your body. You can obtain this from whole grain rice, bread, oats, avocado for good fats, and nuts, just to mention a few. Furthermore, ensure that you have a generous amount of vegetables in your meals, as well as fruit. Water is important as well to stay hydrated.

    3. Stay consistent

    To see any worthwhile results, you must strive to remain consistent. Try as much as possible to eat healthy meals every day, and incorporate some physical activity as well if you wish to. Set achievable goals and keep pushing every day towards them. For extra support and energy, you may opt to find an accountability partner or join a fitness group as well, which will help you stay on track. On days, however, when you slack off, do not give up. Pick yourself right back up again and continue from where you left off. Grant yourself some off days and rewards as well as they will go a long way in keeping you excited and motivated on your journey.


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