Indoor Partner Workout

    Partnered workout, anyone? Partner workouts are not only fun and effective, but they’re easy to create.

    There are lots of benefits from working out with a partner. You are more likely to exercise, and partner workouts can also help with emotional support, especially if they are encouraging you. A workout partner can also help provide accountability: you don’t want to let them down if they’re expecting you to exercise with them, right?

    Here are some suggestions for creating a great indoor partner workout.

    Tips before you start

    • Make sure you are working out with someone whose level of fitness is similar to yours. You don’t want one of you to be steaming ahead while the other one is gasping on the floor. Not only is that not fun, but it’s not effective either.
    • Make sure your form is correct. It can be distracting to be working out with your friend or loved one, and you can lose track of your form. You want to have fun and avoid injury.
    • The best kinds of partner workouts – especially if you’re a beginner – use medicine balls or resistance bands and handles.

    We will mention resistance bands in these exercises. Visit this link to see exactly what we are talking bout.

    As for the number of exercises, we’ve picked our top 5 for you here. Start with these, and aim for three sets of 12 reps.

    1. Squat jumps

    You’ll both need a resistance band for this exercise.

    • Stand facing each other, with your feet a bit wider than hip-distance apart. 
    • Hold one resistance band in your right hand, with your partner holding the other end in their left hand. 
    • Hold the other resistance band in your left hand with your partner holding the other end in their right hand.
    • Now both of you should take a step or two away from each other until both bands are taut. 
    • Keeping the bands taut and your core muscles tight, you both sink into a squat and then jump up. That’s one!
    • Go straight back down into another squat, and repeat.

    2. Chest presses

    • Have your partner stand behind you (you are both facing the same direction). 
    • Put the resistance band loosely around your upper body so that it rests around your chest and biceps.
    • Your partner will hold the band with both hands and act as an anchor for you. Do chest presses by straightening your arms to push your hands out forward. Keep your arms at shoulder height and the band across your chest and over your biceps. You can put one foot a bit in front of the other for added balance. 
    • Do your reps, then switch.

    3. Band sprint

    • Stand in front of your partner, again facing in the same direction. 
    • Loop the resistance band around your waist.
    • Your partner will hold the resistance band in both hands, and once again act as an anchor. While you sprint or do high knees in place, your partner will keep the band taut, while keeping their core muscles tight and their knees slightly bent for stability. Do this for 30 seconds.
    • Switch places and repeat!

    4. Standing side plank

    This exercise works your core. 

    • Stand across from your partner so that you’re facing each other. 
    • Hold the resistance band in both hands, with your hands in front of you. Your partner will hold the other end of the band.
    • Now keep your core muscles tight while your partner pulls the band from one side to another. While you’re working your core muscles, your partner is doing cardio by pulling the band.
    • Do those reps and then switch!

    5. Jump over burpees

    Burpees are even more fun if you can jump over your partner in between reps!

    • Lie down on the floor or a mat, face down, and with a resistance band just above your ankles. 
    • Push your legs out to the sides to tighten the resistance band in pulses. You’ll be working the outside muscles of your legs.
    • While you’re doing that, your partner will lie down next to you and do a burpee. Then they will jump up, jump over you, and do another burpee to the other side of you. They repeat this till they’ve done all their reps, while you continue to work the outsides of your legs.
    • Switch places and repeat!

    Partner workout Takeaway

    There you have it, a selection of partner exercises to challenge you both. If you want more ideas for partner exercises that use medicine balls and resistance bands, check them out here.

    Enjoy working out with your partner!


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