How to Manage an Injury During Lockdown

    Managing an injury is challenging at the best of times, so anyone that is trying to recover from an injury during the Coronavirus outbreak will certainly be struggling because it has placed further restrictions on life which can be frustrating. Whether this is an injury that was obtained prior to the lockdown or one that you have picked up from a home workout, here are a few tips which will hopefully help you to manage.

    Online Physio & Exercises

    It is important that you follow the advice of your doctor but you will also find that the internet can be a great resource for finding physio and exercises that can be done to help you recover – just make sure that they are from reputable sources and that you do not overdo it. You might also find it helpful to engage in online communities with people suffering from the same injury as you.

    Consider A Personal Injury Claim

    If the injury was a result of an incident that was not your fault then it is worth making a personal injury claim as this could provide financial relief during this difficult time. You can also use an online compensation calculator to work out roughly how much your claim might be worth.

    Don’t Overdo It

    Following on from this, it is essential that you do not overdo it and instead get plenty of rest so that your body can fully recover. Life can be boring in lockdown so people are taking to activities like DIY, gardening and home workouts but you must be careful if you are injured as it could be very easy to set yourself back further which can be frustrating and disheartening.

    Look After Your Mental Health

    It is important to make your mental health a priority if you are recovering from an injury during the lockdown. The lockdown is negatively impacting many people’s mental health for obvious reasons and this could be amplified with an injury because it further limits what you are able to do. This means that you need to speak to friends and family on a regular basis, try to get out of the house for daily exercise (while abiding by Government rules), eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and find ways to keep yourself entertained.

    Find Ways to Stay Busy

    Leading on from this, you also need to have ways that you can keep your mind active while avoiding aggravating your injury. Films, TV, reading and listening to music are all obvious options, but you might also find that this is the perfect time for a new hobby or learning something new, such as learning a musical instrument or starting to draw.

    Hopefully, this will help anyone suffering from an injury to manage during the lockdown so that they can recover and make good use of their time at home.


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