Is A Wood-Burning Stove Worth Buying?

    Wood-burning stoves are becoming more and more popular these days due to their aesthetic and various uses. The question is, however, is a wood-burning stove worth buying for your home? In the right circumstances, this kind of stove can be fantastic for a house. Here are things that you should consider if you are trying to determine if a wood-burning stove is worth buying.

    Flexibility to Place it Wherever you Want

    The first positive aspect of a wood-burning stove is that they can be placed anywhere you want within the house. They can be placed in the kitchen to help with cooking, or they can be placed in a living room or den to help provide heat. The experts in this article state that a wood-burning stove placed in a living room with a vintage or classical design can make it look that much better. Not only will the room look fantastic, but it will also be warm and provide you with lighting as well. Wood-burning stoves are fantastic because they can be placed anywhere in the house.

    Fantastic Heating

    Wood-burning stoves work fantastic as a heat source as they will heat a room much more quickly than a vent blowing hot air. This is due to a process known as radiant heat. As the stove heats itself out, heat exudes from it in all directions quickly warming the air around it. This then begins to spread throughout the entire warm until the room has become much warmer. A well placed wood-burning stove can replace a heating unit altogether in smaller houses and provide much more efficient heating. If you want fast heating, a wood-burning stove will accomplish this for you.

    Power Outages Are Not a Problem

    Due to the fact that a wood-burning stove does not need power, it can work through any outage. This Is especially important in the winter months when any loss of power can quickly cause the house to drop in temperature and become cold. These stoves only require wood and a fire source to get going and burn for hours. If you don’t want to end up freezing in the winter, invest in a wood-burning stove and watch as issues with heating during power outages become a thing of the past.

    Heating is Cheaper

    Continuing on the subject of heating, these stoves will heat a room for a much cheaper price than a heating unit would. This is because wood is such an inexpensive fuel source when compared with oil, gas, or electricity. This then brings importance to placement within the house. If the unit is placed correctly, it can save you hundreds if not a thousand dollars during the year in heating costs. If you want to save money, look into getting a wood-burning stove.

    Safer for the Environment

    When looking at other heating sources, they often use natural gasses and fossil fuels which can be much more harmful to the environment. Wood, on the other hand, is carbon neutral which means it does not add more carbon dioxide into the environment when it is burned. Therefore, if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option for heating in your house, consider picking up a wood-burning stove.


    Many wood-burning stoves allow you to use the top of the stove as a cooking surface. You can use this to slowly cook and heat up a variety of different meals for you to enjoy. This requires you to be able to manage the temperature of the stove correctly, however, as if you let it burn too hot or too cold, it will not do a proper job of cooking your meals. When done correctly, however, it can provide a beautiful odor of cooked food throughout the house and provide a much more naturally prepared meal. Wood-burning stoves provide great versatility in both being a heating and cooling unit.


    Finally, a wood-burning stove provides a great aesthetic to any room that it is placed in. If you want to recreate a wilderness getaway or cottage, this is a great piece for it. When placed alongside a wooden floor, your room will have a rustic vibe to it and become an instant talking piece for anyone who comes into the room. If you want to improve the atmosphere of your room, a wood-burning stove is a great thing for that.

    A wood-burning stove can bring so many advantages into your home and help you out whenever the power is out. It will always be a reliable source of heating and an efficient one at that too. If you are looking for a great piece to add to any room in your house, a wood-burning stove might be your answer. A more detailed guide on the wood-burning stove and other kitchen appliances can be found on What will you use your stove for?


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