How to Make Your Health a Priority in Life

    This is a great article title. Why? Because in one sense, it IS a priority, whether we view it that way or not. We’re all getting older, and we need to steward our bodies and minds well. Speak to a doctor about having regular exercise, and he’ll say it reduces heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Our immune system is strengthened, and therefore best placed for any illness that comes our way. We extend our life expectancy. These things are not opinions — they are statistically proven facts. 

    Exercise also helps our mental health by making our minds sharper for learning, and more able to deal with stress or depression, or tackle ADHD. We need to be disciplined with our sleep, having it at regular times each night, and for as many hours as our bodies need. We should be eating moderately, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Water is our best choice of drink, and our alcohol intake needs to be tightly controlled. But how do we put all this into practice? That’s what this article is all about.   


    If someone is considering taking nutritional supplements, that can be a good practical step. Some websites don’t just offer a list of products, but they let you select your medical issue or concern first, and then go from there. It could be anything from bones to digestion. For a medical list, you can see more here, where the experts believe it takes a whole team of professionals to create a DFY supplement plan. These experts can range from chemists to microbiologists because the multidisciplinary field of nutrition requires a lot of expertise, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you can jump right into a supplement diet without any consultation. 

    Phone Reminders

    Whenever we do something new, it feels strange and awkward. Some people have said it takes forty days to create a habit. Let’s face it — we need it to be a lifestyle, not just a fad. How about setting up phone reminders each day? We may need to be reminded regularly to take a walk at lunchtime before we do it automatically. 

    Make It Fun

    Motivation is a big issue when it comes to watching our health. Some people fear diabetes so they watch their weight and exercise. Others have heart disease in the family so make sure their lifestyles are good. Is there a better way to be motivated? The answer is yes. What does a person enjoy that’s fun and good for them? Do they love the countryside and nature? Why not take five thirty-minute walks each week. Traveling at brisk speed doesn’t stop a person from noticing the plants and birds! If there’s a sport someone enjoys, they should join a club or regularly go with friends. It’s easier to do this than remind yourself to do something alone.

    Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups can be a great way to motivate people to live healthily. They can be free to join and are easy to leave if they don’t like them. These groups can connect people to a community of people across the world who are all on the same journey, needing to lose weight or keep fit. One will quickly lose the sense of ‘it’s just me on this journey’. People encourage others with their helpful tips, and others will inspire them on and cheer when they reach a landmark, perhaps a lower weight or new running distance. 

    Progress Gradually

    Building a healthy lifestyle should be done at a manageable speed because people need to be in this for the long haul. If someone wakes up one day and says ‘no more alcohol or chocolate for me, and I’m running 5k each day’, they may give up after a week. Make your changes at gentle increments. One square of chocolate a day instead of a whole bar. Ten minutes longer for your daily walk, or no more coffee in the evenings. Once you have incorporated these small changes to your lifestyle, you can take it up a notch with exercise and regular visits to this dentist in Downey.

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    It’s possible to do muscle-building exercises at home. There might be around 28 different exercises to consider, but no one should do them all on day one. It would be better to start with a core of around seven and add one more daily. It’s actually dangerous to suddenly go for a long run if a person hasn’t exercised for a long time. People should visit their doctor first before there is a sudden change in their lifestyle. 

    Phone Apps

    It’s worth looking at phone apps – there’s something for everyone there. If someone wants something that records daily exercise or counts the calories in your food, they won’t be disappointed. These are great because they track your progress as well as just looking at today’s achievements.

    To make a person’s health a priority, they have to change their mindset. They think about taking the stairs and not the lift. They do their own gardening or at least some of the jobs. They don’t use the car for short journeys. They might put reminders on their phone until they’ve developed a habit. It’s recommended to join groups with others on the same journey, either face to face or online. Let technology be of help too. There’s plenty of ways to do this – so why not make it happen. The future starts now!


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