Proper Attire You’ll Need to Go Surfing

    Everyone has something that they love doing, many people throw themselves into the deep end fully invested before they know what they’re doing. Whilst this can be a beneficial way to tackle a new hobby or activity, it can sometimes leave you out of pocket if you choose not to pursue it. There are, of course, sports that require you to have certain equipment before you can take part, like golf, for example, you can’t play 18 holes without 14 clubs, some balls, and a bag.

    Surfing is another sport that requires certain equipment before you can hit the waves. Here we take a look at all the proper attire you’ll need to go surfing. 

    Board Shorts

    Let’s that with the classic, the namesake, the board short (originally names the surf trunk) If you’re a surfer then these are your staple, the classic style has been around for years, and when the sun is high, you won’t catch a surfer in anything but these. There are thousands of different designs and brands to choose from, so whatever you feel is the right thing to go for. 

    Rash Guard 

    This T-shirt is made from stretchy material and is designed to help protect you from getting rashes and from the sun. You’ll probably see a large number of people surfing without one, but they might not have issues with the wax you use on your board. If you’re prone to rashes, it’s probably best to wear one. Don’t worry, no one’s going to look at you differently for being sensible. If you’re stuck without a rash guard, then any T-shirt will do for the time being, but I would advise investing in one for the future. 

    Beach Clothes 

    Surfing is a lifestyle, and you can tell by looking at someone if they surf or not. The culture has been around for years and is the reason skateboarding was invented. Way back when in California, people used to surf the waves when they could, and when the tide went out, they could no longer surf, and for a select few, this wasn’t good enough. So a few pairs of roller skates were split in two and attached to wooden planks, voila, the first skateboard. 

    The lifestyle grew and is now one of the most popular forms of fashion for a huge age range. Richard from explains that it’s a timeless look that can work no matter your age. It’s stylish, comfortable, and anything goes. If you’re surfing without an identity, then you’ll lose your passion in the water real quick. 


    For those hardcore surfers out there, nothing will stop them from getting the feeling of riding a wave, not even the weather. If the surf is good, then it doesn’t matter what the temperature of the water is, we find a way around it. That way is the wetsuit. There are so many different types of a wetsuit to choose from that you might feel a little overwhelmed when first choosing one, but not to worry, if a shop is selling wetsuits, then they will have someone to talk you through it. To explain roughly, I will go through a few. 

    The full suit is what we call a standard wetsuit with full-length arms and legs. When looking at them, you might see a few little numbers, most commonly 3:2 and 4:3. Don’t panic, these only mean the thickness of the neoprene, the material the suit is made from. The larger the number, the thicker the suit, so if you know you’re going to be surfing in England on the coast of Cornwall in April, I would suggest a full-body, thick wetsuit. 

    The spring suit is full body but with short arms and short legs. Brilliant for keeping you warm but giving you more flexibility. These are great suits in theory, but realistically they aren’t too stylish, so you might not see too many people donning one at the beach. 

    The other options are wearing a neoprene vest along with your board shorts if you get a little chilly. This is usually when the sun starts going down or the wind kicks in a little. The water is still reasonably warm, but there’s a chill on your torso. You can also get neoprene jackets and other such accessories. 

    When it comes to surfing, the rule is you wear what you want and what makes you comfortable. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to wear. The reality is you’ll probably end up fully submerged in its culture anyway. The only other thing you need to remember when going is your surfboard! There’s no point rocking up to the beach to find out you didn’t tie your board on your roof rack properly! Ride the waves and enjoy, dude. 


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