Best Apps to Remind You to Brush Teeth & Keep Them Healthy

    Maintaining a good oral hygiene and making regular visits to the Dentist In Grand Blanc is important to ensure you have a healthy set of teeth and gums. It’s usually more than just simply brushing them twice a day as there are other ways to keep your teeth in a healthy condition.

    It’s important that you do so because the health of a person’s mouth is correlated to the overall health. Fortunately, I came across a list of apps that I thought was helpful in maintaining your oral hygiene.

    Best Apps to Remind You to Brush Teeth & Keep Them Healthy

    Let’s take a deeper look on how we could use apps to set reminders to brush our teeth and more importantly, keep them healthy. For those with kids, we will also explore on how you can encourage them to maintain a good oral health too.

    Find interactive apps to encourage kids to maintain a good oral hygiene

    There are many oral health applications that can help complement your daily lifestyle of brushing your teeth and managing your tasks in maintaining a good oral health. One such example perfect for kids is Brushing Hero.

    The objective of this app is to make children enjoy brushing their teeth by taking advantage of the front camera. For instance, once you hold a toothbrush and face the camera, you will be transformed into a hero with iron war helmet on.

    Similarly, some of the best toothbrushing apps for kids such as Brusheez, Tiny Dentist etc are further designed to make brushing teeth a fun and interactive experience which takes little effort from the parents to make their kids do it twice a day.

    Look for resources through apps that provide expert information on oral hygiene

    Prior to visiting your dentist, it may be a good idea to keep track of information on your teeth and make sure they are well looked after. There are many resourceful teeth apps that provide a ton of care tips to help you maintain your teeth.

    For example, the Dental Expert app is a comprehensive guide that helps you understand all aspects of dental care for both you and your child. Additionally, you could also visualize how certain dental procedures would look like through virtual teeth makeover app such as Virtual Dentist. 

    In addition to the visual apps, you could also use apps to book appointments with the closest dentist conveniently through your smartphone too. This will help you in emergencies and in situations where you need a regular check up with your dentist – which can be scheduled in advance.

    Explore apps that help simulate various dental scenarios

    In addition to the above resource-based apps, there are many apps that take advantage of augmented reality technology to simulate what your teeth would look like after a certain procedure. For instance, if you want an app to straighten teeth in pictures, you could use a photo editing app to help you achieve it.

    Similarly, if you are missing a tooth or two,  you could try to visualize how it would look like using a fake teeth app that could essentially give you a virtual makeover. Alternatively, you could use Virtual Dentist as a braces off simulator too to picture how you’d look like without the braces.


    Maintaining a good oral hygiene is extremely important for both adults and kids. Fortunately, encouraging kids to form a habit of brushing their teeth can be solved with many apps available unlike before.

    Additionally, with the help of apps, one can download resources to be better educated on understanding the dynamics of one’s oral health and thereby take good care of them.

    But remember, visiting a dental expert is still necessary. If you don’t have one yet, you can check out this one that does dental bridges, Invisalign, and quality braces in Naperville.


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