7 Types Of Jackets Every Man Must Invest In This Winter

    Finally, the much-awaited time of the year is upon us. Winter season has started, and with it comes a time full of pomp, splendor, and celebrations! 

    Winters are synonymous with additional layers to keep you warm. But, that’s not all. Well, definitely not! While the main purpose of a jacket is to keep you warm but at the same time, it showcases your personality and jazzes up any boring outfit. 

    With a plethora of options available in this techwear clothing store to choose from, it is of course hard to choose the right style. Considering how essential it is, we are here for your assistance. In order to help you get rid of all the confusion and make your choice simple and straightforward, we have enlisted the different types of jackets for men. These cool jackets will keep you warm this winter season and at the same time level up your fashion game. 

    Read on and find out! 

    1. The versatile ‘bomber jackets’

    Initially worn by crew members of the US air force, this jacket is also known as Flight Jacket and this is where it originates from. However today, it is worn by men of all professions and is one of the most fashionable jackets and a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. 

    The versatile bomber jackets are usually the ones with a front zipper and have elasticated waist and cuffs. The material of these jackets is usually nylon but can be any other too. It is a perfect jacket for any casual outing and can complement any basic look. You can style it with blue jeans and a plain tee. Just add this to your ensemble and you are ready to rock! 

    2. The solid ‘biker jackets’

    bearded men on motorbikes

    For days when you don’t feel like putting in much effort but at the same time want to look good, biker jackets are your companion. These jackets are closely fitted unlike bomber jackets and look good on almost everything, be it your favourite denim paired with a shirt or a basic tee. 

    To make your look completely stand out, don’t forget to don your combat boots along! 

    3. The stylish ‘one-lined trucker jacket’

    For those of you who haven’t heard much about the one-lined trucker jacket, it is a denim styled front-buttoned jacket which has the right insulation and offers significant warmth. With double-breasted pockets, it radiates the most ‘laid-back’ vibes. Apart from denim and the color blue, there are other versions available for this jacket too and that are suede with shearling trimmed designs and color options like black and brown. 

    This jacket is just perfect for any night-out or a casual evening with the lads!  

    4. The all seasons ‘denim jacket’

    As we all know, denim jackets are the most versatile, comfortable, and casual. They are just perfect for any regular day and the best part, they can be worn throughout the year. During summer months, wear them over a basic tee to make a style statement. While during the winter months, they look best with a turtleneck sweater and your favourite bottoms (be it any denim jeans or a pair of chinos). Don’t forget to complete your ensemble with your white sneakers for a cool look. 

    5. The sporty ‘track jackets’ 

    The athleisure look is trending today, for both men and women! 

    As the name suggests, whether you are heading for a workout (either to the gym or a run in the park), track jackets are the best option for you. Similar to bomber jackets, these have elasticated cuffs and waist but are really comfortable and sport an athletic look. In short, track jackets are all you need to look stylish when working out or heading for a morning coffee date. All you need to choose the right pair of bottoms which can either be your track pants or blue/black denim. 

    6. The ‘hooded style jackets’

    As practical as it can be, hooded jackets are a must-have for every man. Keeping in mind the main purpose of a jacket, i.e. to keep you warm and protect your hair and face from the chilly winds or rain, hooded jackets are designed in such a manner. 

    On the other hand, they also serve another purpose, i.e. to make you look fashionable. You need to choose from the different styles available which are bomber jackets, sweat jackets, and others such. Once you do, you are all set to flaunt your winter outfit! 

    7. The cold weather ‘parka jackets’

    These cool jackets will keep you warm this winter season and at the same time level up your fashion game

    These jackets are specifically designed for cold weather and are best suited when you’re travelling to a chilly region. These are usually longer than other jackets and feature a fur hood. Parka jackets are warm, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. These make for the best option for late-night outings this season. 

    Besides, you can also carry them when going hiking as it gets chilly during the night time in some regions. And, for other hiking essentials, you can trust 5.11 Tactical

    Now that you are aware of the different jackets you must own this winter season, start shopping already. Be assured of turning heads wherever you go! Happy shopping and happy winters!  


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