5 Fitness Machines That Can Help You Gain Muscle

    If you are aiming to build your muscles in your body but can’t decide on whether you will fitness machines, then you will surely find this article convincing. Furthermore, we will provide you with 5 fitness machines that will surely be able to effectively help you build those muscles around your body.

    First and foremost, muscles can always be developed with or without the help of machines – the different variation of push-ups, squats and even running can help you get those firm and lean muscles.

    However, with the innovations of technology throughout the years, a lot of fitness machines have been constantly created and developed in order to produce much greater results as compared to free-weight muscle building. With the help of fitness machines, you would be able to significantly lessen the stress to your joints.

    Fitness machines will also assist you in maintaining a well-supported posture while working out. And lastly and most importantly, fitness machines will allow you to specifically target and build the muscles that you want to prioritize first. All of these benefits mentioned above are very hard to achieve if you are doing free-weight bodybuilding and most especially for beginners who lack the knowledge about these things.

    With that being said, here are 5 fitness machines that will surely help you build muscles.

    1. Curl machines

    These machines are one of the most famous fitness machines that will allow you to specifically develop the muscles in your biceps, arms and at the back of your shoulders. Allowing you to squeeze and pump both of your arms toward the center of your body in a sitting position.

    These motions will specifically apply pressure to your biceps, arms and shoulders. You can also easily adjust the weight and pressure of the machine to achieve a more comfortable and effective routine.

    2. Leg Press

    Arguably the most famous fitness machine for developing the quadriceps – the muscle in your legs is the leg press. This fitness machine works by adding weight to your legs in the form of plates pressing you downwards. You will then need to push the weight upwards until your legs are fully extended.

    bearded man working out at gym

    There are many variations and forms of the leg press and all of them are equally effective. The only thing that you have to be careful of is a number of plates that you will use as it can overstress your legs.

    3. Lateral Raise machines

    If you want to have those awe-striking bulging shoulder muscles, then lateral raise machines are the best for you. This machine specifically targets the muscles around the center of your neck and shoulders. Furthermore, the machine has adjustable settings that will allow you to perfectly assume a balanced posture in order to reduce the stress in your spine.

    4. Treadmill

    One of the most common fitness machines is the treadmill. While it doesn’t specifically target and develop a certain muscle or group of muscles. It does certainly train all the muscles in your body. Treadmills are great for working out your cardio and your overall fitness. Thus, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t just increase your endurance but also your overall muscle strength as well.

    5. Rowing Machines

    According to Start Rowing, a popular rowing website, rowing machines are the best for beginners who especially want to have low-impact workouts. Meaning, they want workouts with the least risk of injuries and difficulty in performing.

    man on rowing machine

    Low-impact workouts don’t necessarily mean that it isn’t efficient in building muscles. In fact, rowing machines, if performed accurately, can burn up to 1000 calories in just 30 minutes of workout.


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