Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

    Drinking a cup of tea for some people might be a simple act. However, for other people, a cup of tea is very important and, in most cases, determines how their day shapes up. For this reason, they always want their cup of tea to be as perfect as it can be. 

    While there are people struggling to make a decent cup of tea, some have perfected the art of it. There are some tips you can follow and end up making the perfect cup of tea. 

    They include:

    1. Make your own tea bags 

    Adding loose tea leaves is one of the best ways to make a perfect cup of tea. Most people will prefer going with one teaspoon of tea leaves while others go for two. It all depends on your preference. Since loose tea leaves move around a lot, they require a bigger tea bag

    This will ensure that you only have to lift the whole teabag when ready and dispose of it in the bin. This is the best way to keep your teapot clean. 

    2. Ensure that your water is at the right temperature 

    The water temperature is very important when making tea. However, depending on what type of tea you’re making, the water temperature might vary. For example, black tea requires the water temperature to be around 96ºC while green tea usually requires 70ºC. 

    For those who don’t know, there are so many health benefits of green tea which is why it is the most famous tea in the world. 

    Making tea with a kettle that lets you set the temperature is the best way to go about it. However, if you do not have access to such a kettle, you can always use a thermometer. 

    Perfect Cup Tea

    3. Confirm the brewing time 

    When making tea, it’s important to follow the recommended brewing time on the packet. When you’ve confirmed the brewing time, it’s time to place that bag inside your tea and leave it for the required time. 

    After the time has elapsed, you can remove the teabag from the teapot. This is because when you leave out the teabag in the teapot for longer than required, it will make your tea taste bitter. Also, do not stir or squeeze the tea bag because it will end up having the same effect. 

    4. Serve in the right cup

    When you serve your tea in a metallic cup, you will have your tea tasting metallic. Serving your coffee and tea in the ideal cup is also an important step.  Serving it inside a plastic cup will have the tannins sticking inside. 

    Also, a ceramic cup isn’t ideal for serving tea because it is too porous. This means that the tea will cool down quickly. The best cup for serving tea is porcelain, as it will keep your tea as tasty as it should be. 

    5. Add your milk 

    At this stage, ensure that you pour the milk carefully. You only add milk to black teas but always be careful because too much milk might lead to the formation of scum. 

    Making the perfect cup of tea is deemed personal. For this reason, it’s best to find out what works best for your cup of tea and stick to that. 


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