Menswear Year-Rounds Essentials For 2021

    While men’s fashion trends tend to stick for quite a while longer than women’s, kitting out your wardrobe with the right essentials to keep up to date with the latest in fashion can still be a bit tricky. Some wardrobe pieces have been dubbed an iconic and timeless status, while others are likely to only stay for about a year before others take over. So if you consider yourself the fashion-forward kind of man, then you should ensure you have these menswear wardrobe essentials in your closet to get you through 2021.

    Elevator Boots

    Men’s footwear has come a long way in recent years; there are so many diverse styles to choose from nowadays. Because boots can be worn casually or to more formal events, you should opt for a pair in either black or brown. It is also best to go for boots with too much detail to ensure they can be worn to more formal outings. Elevator boots are great boots for short men as they provide that bit of extra height to boost your confidence and wardrobe.

    A Denim Button-Up Shirt

    Denim button-up shirts have made a massive comeback in menswear trends as they were last seen in Y2K fashion. However, a quality denim shirt can be worn casually with jeans and a white shirt; layering your outfit with a denim shirt will complete your look perfectly. It is best to opt for a darker shade of denim to conform to the day’s trends, and you can expect these button-ups to hang around for quite some time. 

    Leather Loafers

    Loafers have made waves in men’s fashion for a few years already, surpassing most other men’s shoe trends that we thought would stick. What’s great about leather loafers is that they really can be worn with just about anything, from casual shorts to a semi-formal outfit. As if that’s not enough, they are also praised for the exceptional comfort they have to offer. It is best to go for a pair in brown or camel according to 2021’s trends. 

    The All-Purpose Hoodie

    We could all agree that hoodies are here to stay, although the casual plan grey or black hoodie is the best bet for this year. Because this hoodie style is plain and straightforward, you can pull it off with most casual outfits without looking a bit outdated. You can also consider investing in a few different plain hoodies to mix things up from time to time, although it isn’t entirely necessary.

    Flannel Button-Up

    Flannel button-up shirts are back yet again and in a variety of color choices. Flannel is great for layering, just as you would a denim button-up. However, it is essential to choose your shoes wisely as you probably want to avoid the cowboy look unless it’s a dress-up party your planning

    to attend. So go for casual sneakers or loafers that compliment your flannel color choice. Jeans and a plain t-shirt are all that’s needed to complete your look.

    Menswear Essentials 2021

    Statement Cardigans

    Cardigans are great for cooler weather conditions, and statement cardigans are back in top trends for menswear. You can consider color block cardigans for a more fashion-forward look or stick to traditional plain designs if you aren’t that adventurous when it comes to style. Just as with hoodies, you can invest in a few to change things up now and then.

    The Basic White T-Shirt

    Both men and women alike should all have a go-to plain white t-shirt in their wardrobes this year. However, the fit is everything in men’s fashion, so be sure to invest in a quality white t-shirt that fits just right. Baggy and loose-fitting shirts never look great, as they can have you looking even smaller than what you are. 

    The Classic Leather Jacket

    There’s no doubt that the classic leather jacket will be around for several years to come, so if you don’t have one yet, it’s best to spend a bit more on quality as these genuinely can last a lifetime. The best colors are still standard black or brown as these can pair well with most outfit choices. There are a few different designs to consider, and moto jackets, bomber jackets, and even leather blazers are in this year.

    Iconic Sneakers

    Every fashion-forward man needs a variety of iconic sneakers in his wardrobe, and the best choices this year are plain white high-tops, classic vans, or other iconic brands. When it comes to sneakers, never try to cheap out as these will last a lifetime, and the styles will keep rotating back eventually.


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