The Quintessential Gentleman’s Drink of Choice – The London Guide

    If manners maketh the man, then tea maketh the Englishman, or so we thought. No matter how thick the beard or long the moustache, if anyone mentions elevenses machismo disappears out the door and everyone has a spot of tea. But this delectable beverage did not originate in the UK, instead, it’s believed the roots go back as far as 2737 B.C.E. in China when Emperor Shen Nong accidentally found it. The British adopted this beverage with pomp in the 1700s and it has formed part of English tradition ever since. But simply having a cuppa is not enough as travellers want to experience the true English cuppa. Discover some of the best tea locations in and around London that simply drip with luxury and style, providing the English answer to a global beverage.

    Keep that six-pack intact with a healthy version

    The only way to keep that lumberjack physique is to keep an eye on the diet, especially during elevenses. This is usually a time where cakes and treats are served alongside tea with cream and honey or a lump or two of sugar. The English Tea Room at Brown’s offers patrons their favorite beverage along with a few healthier versions of teatime treats. Luxurious paneled walls and ambient lighting provide the perfect setting. There are both low-carb and low-fat options to satisfy the various diet types and to ensure their patrons are able to enjoy a meal here without the guilt. But don’t expect underdressed salads or boring, bland dishes. These meals rival their unhealthy and decadent counterparts.

    Time to oil the beard and dust off the afternoon suit

    London epitomizes the ultimate luxurious tea experience as they’re dotted along the city streets and even throughout the countryside. However, few compare to Fortnum and Mason. After exploring all Picadilly has to offer, locals and travellers can rest their feet here and enjoy a fresh blend. Guests are able to choose from a wide selection of teas and accompaniments and those who want something a little more formal should stay for high tea. This is the ideal location for those who want to treat someone to an opulent spread and grandiose location. 

    different types of tea

    An eastern influence for salted travellers

    Those who have experienced the magic that is an eastern tea ritual will want the same experience again when they return home. The tranquility of the traditional ways of serving teas while enjoying the company of friends and family highlights how a good cup of tea can bring everyone together. For Brits, the fastest way to soothe those eastern pangs is by taking a drive to Bath and stopping in at the Comins Tea House. Although the least luxurious location on the list in terms of setting, this location is worth a visit as it is a treat for anyone who wishes to experience something old and traditional in a modern setting. 

    Whether local or a traveller to London, the sheer volume of options for an opulent elevenses experience make this a stop on anyone’s itinerary who wishes to experience conventional English traditions with a luxurious twist. London and its surroundings can take an ordinary meal, often thought of as a precursor to the main event, and turn it into a dazzling affair. 


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