Seven Easy Grooming Tips for Grooms for Their Wedding Day

    Getting hitched is one of the biggest milestones of your life and every couple strives to make this occasion flawless and getting their looks correct tops the charts in this case.

    Gone are the days when people thought that real men don’t need any grooming. On the contrary, in order to keep up with the bride, today’s men keep no stone’s unturned to get the coveted look and ensure that they put the masculine stamp on their big day.

    Irrespective of whether one is clean shaven, moustachioed or bearded or what length of hair he sports, any groom’s aim is to look and feel just perfect on his big day.

    So here are some tips that will help you to groom up appropriately so that you can complement your bride’s look on your big day.

    The Right Kind of Footwear is a Must

    Your shoes are the first thing that people notice in you. You should choose a footwear that goes with the style of your attire well. What’s more you should also consider the weight of the footwear at the time of purchasing. Try to keep it lightweight as there are a lot of walking that you may have to do on your special day.

    Place Fitting Above Everything Else

    Irrespective of your colours, your attire for the day will look amazing if you have the right fit and will spoil the look if they do not fit correctly. The groom can get away with almost anything when the fit is correct. Your shirt is especially important in this case. At one time or the other, you are bound  to take the shirt off and if at that time the extra fabric sticks out here and there or there are wrinkles all over the shirt, you won’t be happy. That is why ensure that you opt for custom-fitted dress that include everything starting from the jacket and shirt to the trousers. If you get a dress that is tailor-made to suit your body type you will look leaner, more handsome and more put-together and can steal the show without much effort.

    man putting on smart shoe

    Get the Right Shave

    A professional shave can literally make or break your look. In fact, you will find that getting the perfect shave is much less scarier that getting hitched in front of a large crowd. A straight-edged classic shave can make you a star on your wedding day as well as on your wedding pictures. This masculine touch will help you to look suave on your big day. Added to that, wet shave can also help to cool your nerves on the big day.

    Get Rid of All Rogue Hair on Your Face

    It is vital to keep the required amount of hair on the face. But the rogue hair and the unibrow can spoil your look tremendously. So pluck the excess and keep a neat look. Also you must do away with the any freakish long hair on your nose or ears as that can destroy the wedding videos and clicks completely.

    Upgrade the Look with a Swanky Haircut

    The first thing to keep in mind in this case is not to experiment with a new hair cut on the day of your wedding. This may just backfire and you may lose it completely.  Ensure that your hair is taken care of in a proper way. Get an expert care with a pack for treating the split ends and the dandruff. You can opt for the cut about a month prior to the big day. This will give about 30 days for the hair to grow back if the style does not suit you. If the look is approved then you can go for this one for the D day.

    man smelling wedding flowers

    Smell Good

    The scent of a man is very important. There would be innumerable people who would come up the stage to meet you and your bride. So don’t forget to wear fragrance on your wedding day so that you do not turn off your guests or your bride. It can be your regular cologne or something special that you have chosen for your big day. You should also ensure that your mouth smells good too. That is why you should keep the strong mints handy so that it can do away with any kind of foul smell in your mouth and you feel and smell fresh.

    Being a Gentleman Never Goes Out of Style

    It is your big day and that is why throngs of guests will come to you for congratulating you. Make it a point to put your best foot forward and greet everyone with a firm hand shake, a soft thank you and a smile. No matter how many guests you have attended before you should keep it in mind that everyone wants to be greeted well. So keep a straight and upright posture and don’t let anyone down. Moreover, you should also make sure that you remain by your bride’s side always and portray your best manners. Never leave her side as she doesn’t have the responsibility to attend all the guests alone. You just took the vows to stand by her side through thick and thin and so you should start living by them right from the first day.

    The above are some of most significant grooming tips suggested by the professionals of reputed event management company who have extensive experience in hosting a number of successful events over the years and know well what is expected of the perfect groom on his special day.


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