What is the one most expensive piece of clothing that you own? It has to be your suit right? There is a good chance that the answer to that question was yes, now how well do you look after it? We have teamed up with Moss Bros to bring you some tips how you can protect your sharpest garment. Moss Bros is your one stop shop for formal suits and designer menswear. They have a wide range of designer brands for your special occasion. These simple steps will decrease the general wear and tear of your suits, saving you money in the long run.


This has to be the most important step, the common mistake that most men make when it comes to suit care is the routine for cleaning. If you are planning on storing your suits for a lengthy amount of time, be sure to get them dry cleaned first. It’s a great way to get rid of any dwelling odours or blemishes that may have made their way into the fabric. Once dry cleaned, you need to make sure that you are storing it correctly.


Now that your suit is freshly dry cleaned and ready to be stored, you need to make sure that the storage bag is up for the job of locking in that freshness. You need to opt for a breathable bag to prevent build up of moisture and potential damage to the fabric. With your suit stored in the right bag, the use of a correct hanger will help maintain it’s shape.


Another rookie error that most men make when hanging their suits or tuxedos is picking the wrong hanger for the job. The cheap rectangular hangers that you get from the department stores are not meant for your suit; you need to find hangers specifically designed for this. Jacket hangers are designed to protect the shape of your jacket as it hangs, whilst trouser hangers will keep the seams aligned correctly. We recommend investing in wooden or padded hangers as they last longer than plastic and usually of a higher quality.


If when wearing your suit, you have the unfortunate event of spilling something on it, you need to make sure that you don’t cause long-term damage when self-cleaning. Act quickly and gently blot the stain as opposed to wiping it away as this will only damage the fabric. A blotting motion consists of small dabs with a white towel or napkin, be sure to pop it into the cleaners for a proper clean though.

Be sure to check out the competition that they are running on site also, more details below –
Tagline – Own The Night This Black Tie Season : Win A Tuxedo Worth £500
URL – https://www.moss.co.uk/competition
Start Date – 20/10/16
End Date – 20/11/16
Prize – Tuxedo Jacket and Tuxedo Trousers, Dinner Shirt & Bow Tie, up to the value of £500
Terms & Conditions – Competition ends on Sunday 20th November 2016. Winner will be contacted via email on Monday 21st November 2016. The winner must respond by Wednesday 30th November to claim their prize. Prize is a tuxedo jacket and tuxedo trousers, dinner shirt and bow tie

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Tailored Fit Navy Jacquard Tuxedo Jacket
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Regular Fit White Shawl Collar Tuxedo Jacket
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Skinny Fit Black and White Jacquard Tuxedo Jacket
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Slim Fit Black Tuxedo Jacket
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