Got a Slim Physique? Check These Slim Men Fashion Tips

    You want to be fashionable but you think you are too slim to find clothes that will make you look attractive? Are you planning to go to the gym to be more muscular, or are you thinking of eating a lot just to gain weight, and so you can fit to those oversized shirts you have been eyeing? 

    While there is no problem with being slim as long as you are healthy, some consider it a problem because some slim people, especially men, think they don’t have attractive built to win a woman’s attention or to pass an interview or even catch the interviewers attention as they think their clothes don’t fit them. 

    Sure there are advantages of being bigger in size, but just because you have that slim body doesn’t mean you look less pleasing to the eyes.

    Here are tips to ace your next fashion walk. 

    1. Do the Layering Technique

    With your small built, wearing more than one shirt is just perfect. This is especially a great idea if you are in a country with winter season or at least the weather is cold. However, if you are in a tropical country, you can still pull off this trick.

    Wear T-shirt under your button down Polo shirt or long sleeves, and leave the it unbuttoned. This way, there’s an instant bulkiness added to your frame. 

    Just make sure that you are wearing shirts with matching colors. Let’s say wear maroon long sleeves and white t-shirt inside.   

    2. Wear Blazers and Suits and Like

    While layering is a great idea, wearing jackets and the like does the job well too. If you are an office worker, try wearing suits or blazers and white t-shirt inside it. Blazers and suits give you instant broad shoulders. If you are a sporty type of person or you play sports, varsity jackets are perfect for you. 

    3. Choose Clothes the Fit

    Some people think that wearing big clothes make them look bigger than they are, but no! It just makes them look like a 7-year old skinny boy wearing his father’s loose shirt. Thus, what is the right thing to do? Wear clothes that fit you just right and make sure it is not too tight. 

    This tip go hand in hand with the next tip. 

    4. Wear White Clothes

    While wearing black for your top makes you look slender or slimmer, wearing white will more probably give people the illusion that you are more muscular. However, if you are too attached to your black or dark colored shirts, always pair it with light colored pants.

    Thus, it’s either you wear white ( any light colored ones) long sleeves and black pants, or wear black ( any dark colored ones) long sleeves and white pants. If you want more shirt ideas for slim guys, find them in this article

    5. Opt for Shirts With Horizontal Stripes Pattern

    Play with patterns. Clothes patterns aren’t just designs. They are more than that. Let’s say you are too small and you want to add a little height, you can opt for vertical stripes pattern as it makes you look taller, and since this article is for slim guys, here’s a tip to make look the opposite: wear shirts with horizontal stripes pattern. This gives you a wider look. 

    6. Confidence Is the Key

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with being slim as long as your BMI (Body Mass Index) says you are normal. Also, you might be slim, but if you are confident enough to stand with great posture, people will overlook your built, and they will see that you are just good enough. Therefore, walk with pride and carry your clothes with the thought in mind that you are bigger than your physique. 

    With all the tips above, we hope we will be a big help in solving your slim guy problems. Continue doing some clothes experimentations or choose which one of the given tips suits your style best, and remember to always go for comfort over style.  Good luck on your next street fashion walk. 


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