Celebrations 101: Exciting Things To Do After The Holidays

    We’ve just capped 2019 with a ton of fun activities, a wonderful time with family and friends, and of course delightful meals and travels left and right. It’s 2020 – a fresh new year and a fresh new decade, and it’s back to the usual work-life balance.

    This doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, though. And this doesn’t necessarily imply that we’re always going to have to stick to what we’ve been doing before the holidays.

    Here are some of the most exciting things to do after the holidays:

    Take up a new hobby with the family and some friends

    If you want to start off the new decade with some exciting things to do, you might want to consider taking up a new hobby with friends or the rest of the family. Imagine picking up a new board game (or two) to try, or enrolling in classes for skills like cooking and embroidery with the family.

    These seem like ordinary things to do when you’re bored, but you can make unforgettable memories out of these experiences. Not to mention, you’ll invest time and resources into trying (and having fun!) with trying out something new.

    And if it’s a hobby you can potentially fall in love with, why not try it, right?

    Start getting fit with your workout buddies!

    A lot of people often get sad whenever they mention “working out” as their resolution, as they most likely won’t get to pull it off. Not if you’re with a friend or a family member, perhaps.

    Holiday eating will likely get you and some friends and family frustrated with weight gain and other health effects of eating quite a ton of turkey and salad throughout the festivities. So you might want to take advantage of the frustration and actually get you and a friend or family some gym memberships, or even some workout equipment.

    Remember, the occasional fun punishments and the “flex” social media progress posts are just some of the exciting benefits this journey would bring.

    Plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take with the fam!

    Let’s face it, sometimes the best travel deals arrive during the holidays themselves and that can be both tempting and annoying. After all, it’s hard going on another trip right after your holiday break! However, you might consider maintaining your travel “momentum” by planning that trip you’ve always wanted to make.

    Chances are, airlines and ferries will have a ton of travel discounts, while hotels and other accommodations will likely want to secure their clients for the next half-year or so. Fresh off the holidays seems like the perfect time to plan that midyear trip to the beach or that out of country trip with the significant other. 

    Pursue new heights or your dream business!

    If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution that will likely change your life for the better, why not start planning a business or changes in your career? January – or the start of the year, really – serves as the perfect time to reflect on your current situation, on things you’ve done before, and consider pursuing plans you’ve left behind or set aside for a considerable period of time.


    Check if you have the time and resources to take up a new skill, familiarize yourself with a pursuit or hobby you’ve always set your eyes on, or even plan a business. If you have plans of starting a moving packing services or even a small kiosk with friends and family, you may find pursuing this path worth the risk.

    Conduct your move fresh and motivated from the celebrations!

    What better way to conduct a house move as a family than by doing it fresh after the holiday celebrations are up? When the entire family is still freshly digesting the Yuletide spirit and putting away all the decorations, you might as well begin preparations for moving into your dream home.

    This can be extremely advantageous for everyone involved, as moving companies will likely be motivated to showcase their skills for the New Year, and everyone at home is still filled with the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie.

    Plus, what better motivating factor would you need for the family when it’s a great way to start the New Year in a fresh and new home, right?

    After the Holidays: What Now?

    With the above in mind, it’s important to consider and remember that there’s quite a ton of activities and things you can do by yourself, with friends, or even with the family that you can enjoy. Not only that, but a ton of these activities tend to be capable of changing the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

    To be fair, activities really only get excited when we’re all motivated to do it – and what better time to get excited over a new pursuit than to do it fresh from the holiday spirit and festivities, right?

    What are some fun activities for you after the holidays? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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