Make Your Outfit Shine: A Man’s Guide to Suspenders

    Men’s suspenders are a practical fashion accessory that makes your outfit look bold and elegant. There are many different ways to wear suspenders in a fashionable way to make any outfit shine. 

    If you think grooming for modern men and following other fashion trends is your style idea, you need to own suspenders to wear them every now and then. How do you wear suspenders to make an outfit shine?

    Here is the ultimate man’s guide to wearing suspenders the right way from the fashion guru’s who work in corporate sector.

    What type of suspenders are there?

    Suspenders have different sizes and varying shapes depending on the occasion and the dress code it will go with. The most common type of suspenders you can see at most fashion stores is the Y shaped ones. 

    They are the most common but there is another shape that looks like an X at the back of the person wearing them. The growth in the fashion industry has caused Y shaped suspenders to be the most popular ones. 

    Therefore, there are little chances to easily get your hands on X shaped suspenders. There is another distinction of suspenders to note before choosing what type you will wear and the difference is clearly noted by how they clip on the trousers. A type of suspenders clips on the trousers with a simple clip that is easy to put on and to remove. 

    Jenny Sinclair, an editor with Write my research paper, tells us about the other type. It is called button suspenders and they are tied on the wearer’s pants using buttons. Suspenders with hooks can have different types of hooks, depending on the individual’s preferences. There are trigger snap, no-slip, and finger clips you can choose when wearing this elegant accessory. 

    Which type of suspenders should you wear?

    Now that you know the different options of suspenders that gentlemen can choose from, it is now important to determine what type should be worn on certain occasions. Most men prefer to wear suspenders with clips because they are easy to put on and off, making it more convenient for them. 

    Thus, not a lot of men wear suspenders that hook on the trousers with buttons. It also seems impractical for men because this type of suspender requires you to wear trousers with specialized buttons for them to hook on. Although that is true, buttoned suspenders are the best option if you would like to look elegant and stylish. 

    You can wear this accessory with buttons, especially in formal environments, to assert your dominance. It does not matter what shape you choose but the most common one is Y shaped and is practical for most outfits. If you would like to go for a vintage touch in your outfit, the X shaped suspenders is hands down the best option. 

    How to choose the perfect size

    Suspenders have different sizes to choose from and choosing the perfect size is essential because it can make or break your outfit. The size you choose will depend greatly on the body size of the wearer and the occasion. For example, it might not be the best sight to see wide straps being worn by a person who has a smaller body size. 

    Neither will be seeing a person with a bigger body size wearing skinny suspender straps. Therefore, in this case, size really does matter and you have to choose the width in accordance with your body type. Although that is true, different sizes can make various fashion statements, and wearing ultra-skinny suspenders is not recommended for formal looks. 

    They can be perfect for certain types of trendy semi-casual or casual outfits but not for a formal appearance. Preferably, you should wear suspenders that are well within the middle-size range because they look suitable on most outfits, taking into account your body size. 

    Another custom essay writer for Best essay help, says that you should choose the length of the suspenders wisely even though they have adjusters. If you are taller than 6ft (182 cm or taller), it might be recommended to get standard oversized straps.

    Different types of material

    Just a few years back, the market was filled with low quality and mass-produced suspenders. There were not many options and the material used and the designs were generic. But the fashion startup, JJ Suspenders, stepped in to change the game. Their mission to give people what they deserve. After all, it’s a classic style idea which could not have been made to die because of low-quality stuff that sells on some big e-commerce sites.

    Now, there is a variety of options to choose from when buying suspenders, especially regarding its material. You can choose from flexible options or more unique materials that do not have much flexibility. The different type of materials you can choose from includes leather, elastic, polypropylene, oxford cloth, and silk. Each type of material sends a different fashion statement but the most commonly used fabric is elastic. 

    It is convenient for most men and easy to make them stick to your shirt and body. That is contrary to the experience of wearing leather straps that may not stick to the shirt and body when bending. It is for you to decide the type of materials you want but more exotic materials carry a strong fashion statement. 

    Dave Mooney, HR manager at College reviews cites a good example. Wearing leather suspenders on a formal outfit will pass across that you are elegant and love the luxuries of life. Oxford cloth also carries a similar message but elastic suspenders may just show that you are generic and just like any other guy. Elastic suspenders can be reserved for casual wear, though and the other luxurious material for formal outfits.

    Choosing the perfect color or pattern

    You can justify your elastic suspenders and make them look more luxurious by choosing the perfect pattern or color. Alternatively, you can choose different colors and textures for other material types. For example, if you are wearing leather suspenders, there are various options to choose from. 

    You can wear textured leather straps that could range from crocodile skin or other textures. When wearing suspenders, you can also choose between smooth or non-smooth leather, depending on the occasion. 

    Other gentlemen may wear suspenders with both leather and patterned fabric. You can choose from solid-colored straps to chequered or novelty suspenders with different appearances. For example, you can wear paisley straps or ones with textured material depending on your preferences. 

    Daniel Bairstow works for a research paper writing service as the sales head. In his view, it is at your discretion to determine what type of suspenders will go perfectly well with the outfit you are wearing. Although that is true, it is not advised to wear novelty straps at formal occasions like business meetings or for everyday use. Instead, they can be used as events or parties because of their playfulness and versatility. 

    How to wear suspenders

    Suspenders can be worn with different types of pants, depending on their design. For example, buttoned suspenders cannot be worn with trousers that do not have specialized buttons for this purpose. 

    Therefore, clip-on suspenders may be the winner on a lot of occasions but there is a very important fact to note. You should never wear suspenders on top of a belt because this goes against everything straps stand for. 

    Rather, you should choose whether you will wear suspenders or a belt because it is unacceptable wearing both. Wearing suspenders is more stylish than wearing a regular belt but if you feel like there is a need to wear the latter, leave the straps at home. 

    Remember that your trousers should fit you perfectly when wearing suspenders and should not have a low waist. Rather the trousers should fit perfectly to avoid looking like you are holding up the pants with the suspenders. The pants should have no gaps all around the waist to make the suspenders carry more of a luxurious fashion accessory statement.

    What shape should you wear?

    If you are keen on trying both types of suspenders out but unsure of what type of outfit to pair them with, here are a few tips. 

    The Y-shaped suspenders that have the two straps joining at the back and sending only one strap to hook on the trousers can be used mostly for formal wear. You can wear them beautifully with business suits or other formalwear and semi-formal outfits. 

    The X-shaped suspenders that have both straps crossing each other in the middle of the back can be used for more casual occasions. 

    They are robust and can be worn in almost any casual occasion without the need of wearing formalwear. At first, these suspenders were intended to do heavy-duty work and thus can be worn with work clothes. 

    Thus, depending on your occasion, you can choose any strap shapes but Y-shaped ones are the most common nowadays. Therefore, they have more options regarding the color, patterns, and texture, which can help you complete any formal or semi-formal outfit.

    Best tips on wearing suspenders

    If you are wondering whether suspenders should be color code with your outfit, the answer is yes. You should color code the suspenders and that should be done exactly like how ties are chosen. A tie works best if it is not the same color as the shirt, so these two can have contrasting colors. 

    Although that is true, you should not pick colors that veer too much from the shirt or the suit being worn. Also, suspenders should not be the same color as your tie but should have a different shade that is unique from the shirt you are wearing. 

    For example, if you’re wearing a navy suit, with a powder blue shirt and a tie with the same color as your suit, wearing royal blue straps is best. Color coding your straps with the entire outfit like this will make you stand out from the crowd and contribute to making the wearer look elegant.

    The bottom line

    Suspenders are a luxurious fashion accessory that works well with mostly formal, semi-formal, and semi-casual outfits. These straps can make your outfit look more luxurious and elegant while also sending a strong fashion statement to those seeing you. Choose the straps you wear wisely because they can make or break your outfit.

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