Jewelry for Men: Accessorize Your Beard

    Not many men might consider getting jewelry for their beards, but it’s not something one should easily shun. There’s a certain charm that only these types of jewelry offers.

    So, when and why should a man opt for beard jewelry? Why, it’s after adding an interest towards their beard, of course! If you’re one of those people who’s been deciding whether to shop for this type of jewelry for men or not, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. 

    However, if you’re still unsure, try out experimenting until you finally find one that fits you and your style. Below are just a few things to help you on how to accessorize your beard.

    Creating a Fashion Statement

    You might be wondering what’s so good about having beard jewelry. To many, it helps in creating a true fashion statement. It’s up to you whether to go for mens big diamond rings or simple bronze rings for your beard. They will surely give your beard a much more fashionable look, which you can match with your style. 

    If you’re still looking for your own style, you can look up various inspirations on the internet designed by others. But, remember, don’t be swayed with the latest trends. Go for what you think you would want your beard to look like.

    If you’re a dedicated biker, skulls are a great and popular option. However, for those who want to add a bit of magic to their style, a beard with Celtic symbols, rings, and dragons are a go-to. 

    If you’re feeling a bit whimsical (or one of those people already celebrating Christmas mid-September), Christmas-themed jewelry for your beard will surely spread the joy of the holidays.

    In order to achieve this, tinsel and ornaments could be combined with a couple of green and red sequins. This will give it that Christmas light effect. Also, go for that fully-inspired look with little candy canes, flashing lights, and other Christmas decors.

    No matter what style you prefer, a piece of jewelry to accessorize your beard will surely give a statement. And it’s a lot better if people notice them rather than the split ends, dry hair, broken skin, and more unsavory elements under your beard.

    However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect it. Keep your beard as healthy as possible with some washing and regular trimming. Address flaking and dry skin by using beard conditioners and oils. Keep your beard looking settled. Make use of a brush, a beard butter, and a shaping tool to keep it kempt and styled.

    Be Inspired by the Beard Jewelry of the Vikings

    The beard jewelry of the Vikings is inspiring many today. Many historical dramas present these tough guys decorating their beards with enchanting ornaments and jewelry. While watching the show, you’re probably amazed by the beard bling and its connection to history. 

    And this isn’t just for show. Evidence found in burial sites indicates that these seafarers have worn beard jewelry. Various historical travelers also talked about jewelry for men’s beards. They are those who were engaged with Anglo-Saxon communities and Germanic tribes.

    The Vikings heavily-influenced these communities, giving rise to them wearing beard jewels. If this jewelry is good enough for our bearded ancestors, why not try it as well?

    Wear Beard Jewelry in Many Ways Possible

    Make the best of your new look. Learn more about the different ways on how to accessorize your beard. Get the inspiration from watching movies such as “The Hobbit,” where characters wear beard jewelry. You can also check ideas from websites like Pinterest.

    Here’s an easy way you can style your beard:

    • Match with Other Jewels. Achieve that cohesive look by matching your beard jewelry with your piercings. Mimic as well the buttons on your clothes.
    • Integrate the Braids. Get your beard braided. Slide the chosen jewelry to reach the braid. Securely hold it in its place with a good product. With one braid in the middle and two more braids on the sides, it will surely create a different look.
    • Hold the Jewelry with Rubber Bands to Set It in Place. If your beard is not thick enough to hold a ring, use rubber bands instead. They will thicken the ponytail or braid to secure the ring, helping you hold your jewelry in place.
    • Try On Some Clips. Most of the beard jewelry for men comes in spiral shapes or rings. But you just need a strand of hair to hold the jewel in place. If it’s not achievable, try on some clips. They‘ll pull your beard more than others.
    • Use Some Strings As You Put on Beard Jewelry. Use a piece of floss or thread when gathering your beard together. Wrap it around your beard, holding its loose end in your mouth. After that, slide in on your beard jewelry. If it’s snug, pull the string off.


    Truly, one of the manliest things to do is to embrace the fashion and style for your beard. There always are products and tools that can make your beard more fashionable. Try adding beard jewels and explore more tips and tricks on how to style your beard.


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