How to Make Your Bedroom Your Unique Sleep Oasis

    Even though most of us know we should spend around 8 hours in our bedrooms asleep, many of us do not put in the work required to make them comfortable to sleep in. This is often because visitors do not see our bedrooms and we either do not have the time, motivation, or inspiration to do it. Today, we are going to look at some things you can do to make your bedroom a lot more functional while making it look better in the process.

    Choose a Theme

    If you want your bedroom to be relaxing, you need a theme. A theme ensures everything is coordinated and works together. When done right, nothing stands or jumps up at you and this harmony can make your bedroom a better sleep oasis. Having a theme also makes it easier to find decorative items for the bedroom because you already have an idea of what would work and what would not.

    Add Artwork

    Photos, paintings, and artwork with inspirational quotes do not have to be relegated to the living room. Adding artwork to your bedroom’s walls can improve the atmosphere there and offer something relaxing to look at when you are having a hard time falling asleep. If you like, you can even match the artwork to the bedroom’s overall theme.

    Add Different Types of Pillows

    Depending on whether you want to use the pillows as decorative items or actually use them while you sleep, you might need to get different types of pillows. Decorative pillows let you add a bit of personality to your bedroom, make it a lot more inviting, and can make different colors stand out.

    Functional pillows make it easier to fall asleep and they are a huge factor in determining the quality of sleep you get. The good thing is that there are endless designs and prints that pillows come in nowadays. To make things a lot more fun, many people are ditching traditional pillows and going with ones that have various prints, colors, or characters on them. For example, Waifu body pillows are gaining popularity.

    Include Your Favorite Scents

    Scents can calm us down, relax us, and make it easier to fall asleep. Whether it is lavender, coffee, vanilla, or another scent, it is possible to find items that exude the scents we like. Just be careful to use one scent at a time because you do not want them clashing.

    Go with Soothing Colors

    Jarring, bright, or bold colors can make it much harder to relax and fall asleep. When choosing the color palette for your bedroom, go with neutral shades for the wall, floor, and ceilings. You can then use bold colors sparingly on your accessories.

    The best colors to use are shades of blue and green as these are soothing and relaxing while shades of red and orange should be avoided as they are too stimulating.

    Use Area Rugs 

    A good rug warms your toes when you wake up and gives the bedroom’s look a boost too. Finding an area rug is relatively easy as there are numerous designs, colors, sizes, and textures to choose from.

    Get Proper Curtains

    There is nothing more annoying than the lights from a security light sifting through your bedroom curtains. It is equally annoying when light enters the bedroom before it is time to wake up. To ensure both of these things do not interrupt your sleep, invest in some good curtains. The curtains you get should be thick enough to keep all light out but still light enough that you have no problem opening them when you need to.


    Beautifying and making your bedroom a lot more functional will make it relaxing, which can help you fall asleep faster. By making a few changes and adding a few things, you can end up with a bedroom that helps you get the amount and quality of sleep you need.


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