How to Buy an Engagement Ring

    Are you thinking about proposing? 

    You are probably completely (and understandably) terrified. 

    Although you cannot control what their answer will be, you can make sure you pick the perfect ring. 

    From the cut to the color, the clarity to the carat, keep reading to find out how you can choose the ideal ring to propose to your better half with. Plus, how you can afford a ring that is guaranteed to sweep them off their feet. 

    Set yourself a budget

    It is never a good idea to go into a jewelers without a set budget in mind. Worst case scenario, you end up maxing out your credit card on a ring that costs more than 6 months of your annual salary. 

    Instead, sit down and carefully decide how much you want to spend and how much you can afford. If you are lacking in savings, you may want to think about taking out a small online loan from a trusted lender such as Cash Lady. Allowing you to apply online and get a decision in minutes, you can arrange a payback plan that suits your personal financial situation. 

    Man putting ring on womens finger

    Consider the 4 C’s

    If you want to purchase a diamond engagement ring (although there are many other non-traditional options now), you need to consider what is known as the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat. 

    Cut: The most common diamond shape is the round cut, although you can also choose from the pear, emerald, marquise, princess, oval and heart shaped cut. 

    Color: The most valuable and rare color of a diamond is white. These colorless diamonds are graded as D, with the scale going all the way up to Z.

    Clarity: Clarity is not as important as many believe it to be with inclusions having the ability to make your chosen diamond more unique. 

    Carat: The weight, and therefore the size, of a diamond is measured in carats. The average size of most engagement rings is between one carat and half a carat. 

    Think about her personal style 

    Anyone can walk into a reputable jeweler, such as Tiffany’s and buy the most expensive engagement ring on offer. However, this does not guarantee a happy significant other. Instead, look for a ring that suits their own unique sense of style. 

    One way to determine this is to look at their other jewelry items and see what types of rings, necklaces and bracelets they wear. For example, do they prefer simple and elegant styles or do they favor a more eclectic and bold look? 

    You may also want to ask close family and friends about what type of ring they might like, as long as you can trust them to keep your imminent proposal a secret. 

    Go with your heart

    Although it can be a good idea to listen to the advice of an expert jeweler or your partner’s best friend, ultimately, the act of proposing is a special moment between you and your partner and therefore, you need to go with the ring that you think they will love. 

    Listen to what your heart tells you and you will be talking wedding themes before you know it. 


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