6 Most Popular Wedding Themes

    Love is in the air, and couples finally tie the knot. All family members and relatives will be gathering for an enchanting ceremony. What more would everybody be interested in? Of course, it’s the wedding’s theme!   

    A wedding theme will set the concept for the big day. Each year, significant new wedding themes come out to trend as couples get more creative. From the traditional wedding ceremonies to a whole new level of unique wedding themes. Coming up with a wedding theme to keep up with the trends is a big task. Such an endearing moment for couples deserves a breathtaking set-up. Hence, you must plan it wisely. For couples out there who would like a sneak peek at the most popular wedding themes. These six wedding themes might be of great help to your wedding plans:   

    1. Country/Rustic Wedding 

    While using vibrant and splashing colors in a wedding is eye-catching, a soft, dreamy, and neutrally colored wedding theme can also do the trick.   

    Country/rustic wedding themes give an elegant, refined vibe to your wedding. Coming up with a rustic reception can mean utilizing organic wooden elements which can elevate your overall design. You can add white drapes and natural greens for a more romantic vibe. Make use of different textures you can play with. Of course, don’t forget how lanterns and hanging lights can complete the country/rustic look while you and your new spouse dance to country first dance songs

    2. Fairytale Wedding 

    Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding. Holding a wedding with this theme is straight out of fairy tale books. Imagine butterflies freely flying above your head and flowers everywhere. Plus, you can choose or DIY your flower bouquet which includes your favorite flower, color, or anything that fits into your dream fairy tale wedding. Flowers can make everything look magical, especially when they’re arranged beautifully and artfully.  

    Moreover, you can make use of horse-drawn carriages, beautiful orchestra music, studded ballgowns, and many more that would make you remember your childhood favorite Disney movie.  

    Married couple together with flowers and sun in the background

    3. Beach Wedding 

    Suppose you and your partner met on a beach, or you both have the same passion for hanging out by a gorgeous coastline. Then, this may be an excellent time to consider throwing a beach-themed wedding. Walking on an aisle with your toes in the sand and hearing the sound of waves can make your wedding fantasy come alive. Beaches and shorelines can be a perfect backdrop for weddings, and there are many locations ideal for the event such as The Crescent Beach Club. You’ll need to add special on-theme touches that bring out tropical vibes such as hanging starfishes, candlelit lanterns, seashells around the corners, coastal dining, and delightful ocean-themed sweets. Considering the time of the year and the weather, then a beach wedding should be fine.  

    Utilize bamboo or driftwood for the altar, and line the aisle with seashell markers or patterns, ensuring a barefoot-friendly runner. Illuminate the venue with lanterns or tiki torches and incorporate nautical touches such as ropes, anchors, and compasses throughout the decor. Introduce hanging drapes or canopies for a romantic atmosphere, and consider a unique “message in a bottle” guest book. Moreover, enhance guest comfort with provided flip flops for walking on the sand, and add stylish beach umbrellas for shade. Complete the beach experience with a cocktail bar offering refreshing tropical drinks in coconut shells or decorative glasses.

    4. Outdoor Wedding 

    If you and your partner love nature and you want it to be the backdrop of your wedding. Then an Outdoor wedding theme suits you. Garden weddings will spoil you with a lot of candles, seating areas over green grasses, fresh flowers, and a fancy romantic ceremony. Including the elegance of an outdoor wedding backdrop, You could make use of trees, beautifully arranged flowers, and hanging lights to make it more enchanting. From the moment you leap into the garden where everyone is waiting, you’ll know something unforgettable is about to take place.  Stretch tents are the latest craze in outdoor wedding hire because they are affordable whilst offering guests a boutique experience. Look at some of the examples found on Earth Village Events.

    5. Bohemian Wedding 

    You can always go for a cool and carefree wedding theme and stay beautiful. Keeping your decorations simplistically elegant, hanging macrame decorations, boho cakes, and lining boho rugs by the aisle, you’ll see yourself in a whimsical bohemian dream wedding. An intricate lace wedding dress is perfect for the theme that could transform the bride into a dreamy boho goddess. Furthermore, a bohemian-themed wedding’s quintessence is solely based on free-flowing dresses, vibrant florals, and earthy elements.  

    Make your bohemian wedding unforgettable by hiring an experienced Vancouver wedding videographer or one in your area. They capture authentic moments, highlight unique elements, and create a lasting, visually stunning memory. A professional videographer ensures your bohemian celebration is documented in a way that tells a beautiful story.

    6. Traditional Wedding 

    Old but gold. That’s how brides explain why they prefer the tried and traditional wedding details. Elegant linens, delicate flowers, neutral colors, and reciting traditional wedding vows are what you commonly see in these types of weddings that are still pleasing to guests’ eyes. Such a theme just never fades and is timeless among other trends. You can go for a traditional wedding as you feature gorgeous white florals in a refined color scheme, a classic wedding dress, standard tables, aisle décor, and formal invitations. As you envision this type of wedding theme, it results in a grandiose nuptial with posh seating, exquisite table settings, and many more formalities.  

    Integrate symbols and motifs that hold cultural or religious significance for the couple. This could include religious symbols, family crests, or traditional patterns. Different cultures have specific colors that are considered symbolic. If there’s a particular theme associated with the tradition, incorporate it into the decor. Consider incorporating traditional music or musical instruments with cultural significance to enhance the atmosphere and create a more immersive experience.

     Wrapping Up

    These six popular wedding themes can be used in their own unique ways and will surely make your big day stand out. This is also the perfect time for both of you newlyweds to look your best on your wedding day. Make your wedding favors and location settings go with your chosen theme. It’s your big day anyway. Make it unforgettable.  


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