A Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Men’s Jeans in Summer

    Denim has always been a man’s best friend. From stylish biker jackets to faded long-sleeve shirts, this is the fabric we typically turn to for those chillier spring afternoons and nights at a rock concert; while jeans have become the go-to attire for pretty much every casual occasion imaginable. In fact, even old-school double denim styles are expected to make a comeback in 2019 and GAP online are pioneering this recent trend.

    Due to their comfort, durability and sheer simplicity, denim jeans are now a staple of every man’s casual wardrobe. However, when temperatures start to rise and the sun blazes overhead, even your most trustworthy pair can start to feel very uncomfortable indeed.

    In the relentless summer heat, the density and heaviness of jeans will inevitably make things a little hot and sweaty, leading many of us to discard them for yet another season.

    Although we perhaps wouldn’t wear them on a day to the beach, a great pair of jeans can help achieve the perfect summer style. It’s just a case of knowing how to make things work:

    Tear It Up

    man leaning on bench with ripped jeans

    When you’re dripping with sweat and struggling to cool down, the restrictive nature of denim jeans can prove incredibly problematic. Fortunately, by opting for a distressed and ripped pair instead, the added ventilation will make your legs feel like they can actually breathe again. These designs typically feature rips across the knees or thigh, although the size of these tears will obviously differ between pairs.

    Either way, distressed jeans offer much greater levels of flexibility, ensuring that you always feel comfortable in the heat and don’t turn into a complete clammy mess. Besides, men’s black ripped jeans offer a fantastic super-casual style all year-round, and the summer season is certainly no exception.

    Some guys will actually try to create these rips and holes themselves, but it’s incredibly easy to get things completely wrong here, which is why it’s usually better to bag a pre-ripped pair from your favourite fashion outlet instead.

    Keep Things Tapered

    Tapered jeans won’t necessarily help you cool down during the hotter months, but they could prove essential in achieving the perfect summer style. This time of year is always bursting with laid-back streetwear and fresh trainers, and tapered jeans help you make the best of both worlds by drawing attention to your stylish footwear.

    man sitting on bike rack with tapered jeans

    Since they taper at the ankle, these jeans ensure your expensive new trainers aren’t hidden underneath any overhanging denim, ultimately helping you show them off without tucking them behind the tongue of your hi-tops (which will be far too hot in the summer). Although some might be tempted to roll up the hem of their jeans themselves, buying a tapered pair obviously makes things a little bit easier.

    It might sound like such a small thing to worry about, but this particular trend was all over the SS19 fashions shows last year. Make no mistake, flaunting your footwear will be a big deal this summer.

    Try Lighter Shades

    During the winter and autumn months, most guys will typically opt for darker jeans and traditional shades of blue denim. When it comes to the summer months, however, you need to go for lighter colours which don’t absorb quite as much heat.

    The only problem is: white jeans are notoriously difficult to pull off. Even when you’ve carefully paired them up with a darker t-shirt or found the perfect fit for your build, white jeans can often make you look like a lost member of Wham!, while they’re always a terrible option for guys that struggle to keep them clean of grass, mud and food stains.

    stylish man in jeans looking back at airplane

    And yet, when pulled off correctly, white jeans offer a refreshingly summery alternative to the typical blues and blacks of traditional denim. If you just can’t quite get this style right, then you might want to consider trying a pair of faded blue jeans instead, since they’ll still exude unmistakable summery vibes but without the risk of getting it all horribly wrong.

    Enjoy a Looser Fit

    It doesn’t matter how much you love your black skinny jeans, because they’re undoubtedly one of the worst things you could wear on a warm summer’s day. Hugging tightly around the legs and severely restricting your movement, spray on jeans can become incredibly uncomfortable as soon as things become a little sweaty.

    In fact, by trapping the sweat and offering your legs very little room to breathe, these jeans can actually be incredibly hard to take off in warmer climates.

    Instead, you should opt for straight-cut and regular fit jeans, since these will offer a much looser fit and at least allow your legs to air themselves out a bit. When you’re simmering in the summer heat, you’ll be wanting all the breathability you can get.  


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