Picking The Right Shaver For Sensitive Skin

    Did you know that it’s reckoned one out of every three men has sensitive skin? We’re all different after all, and skin condition and type is one thing that differs greatly between individuals.

    The problem is that dry and sensitive skin can be a real problem for men who shave regularly. Those of us who have to shave every day, for example, can end up with dry and damaged skin that simply looks terrible and feels uncomfortable.

    There are, however, some things you can do to make sure you get the best shave if you are one of the 33% who has problematic skin, so let’s have a look at some top tips.

    Use Steam

    This is an old and proven trick, and one that you will find used by professional barbers: steam your face before you shave. You can do so by having a hot shower or applying a hot towel – it needs to be in place for at least half a minute – as this will open up the pores and soften your facial hair, making the shave itself easier.

    The idea is that you need less effort to move the blade, meaning a smoother, cleaner shave that will not have the usual effect on your skin. Oh and if you are looking for the best electric shaver for barbers? They always trust the Braun Series 3 310s.

    The Right Blade

    The better and sharper the blade, the less damage you will do to your skin. This is why you should not only change your blade more regularly than you think you should, but you should also check out some of the different blades available.

    Shaving blade technology has developed greatly in recent years and there is now a wealth of choice when it comes to getting the right one, with some manufacturers even researching and designing blades especially for sensitive skin – check this for an example and more information. 

    However, be careful with using, for example, a three-blade razor if you need to shave every day. In many cases, this can actually increase the irritation. The best option is to try different blades until you find one that does not irritate your skin as much as others, and make sure you use a fresh one often.

    Shave Downwards

    If you’re not already doing so, you can reduce the irritation on your skin by shaving with the grain, that is downwards across the hairs. This is another method of reducing the resistance to the blade, and one that results in a cleaner, more effective shave all-round. Use single, smooth movements and keep them steady, and you should find that your skin feels better after a shave.

    Choose the Right Shaving Cream

    If you use shaving cream, oil or balm – and it is highly recommended that you do so especially if you have sensitive skin – then you should be careful which you choose. The market for men’s grooming products is a massive and lucrative one, and there are many well-known brands vying for a piece of it, so take your time to trial different products for better results.

    One very important piece of advice is this: avoid alcohol-based products, as these will exaggerate irritation by their very nature.

    Careful Aftercare

    Many men make the mistake of simply walking away once the shave is complete: this is the wrong thing to do. We advise you apply a balm to the skin afterwards for a soothing effect, and to replenish some of the nutrients in the skin that a shave naturally removes.

    Once again, there are many to choose from so try some and find the one that is right for you. Choose alcohol-free, as above, and make sure you give it time to do the job, and you’ll find it helps keep your skin healthy and feeling good.

    Grow a Beard!

    If all else fails you can try this method, and simply grow a beard! You can choose to keep it trimmed – trimming will not have the same effect on the skin as a full shave – or grow a full beard, and they are in fashion right now too. It’s all about choosing your own style, after all!

    If you’re one of the many men with sensitive skin, all is not lost. Try the above tips, and you’ll soon find you’re feeling just fine. 


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