5 Ways to Define Your Personal Style

    Personal style means a particular way of expressing yourself whether it’s through clothing, writing, or anything else. When talking about your clothing style, looking great doesn’t necessarily mean following all the latest fashion trends. It’s all about staying true to your style. If you don’t have one but wish to find it, search for inspiration, experiment with fashion, and discover your trademark. Open your closet and see what fits and what doesn’t, it’s time to clean and reorganize, in search of your true self.

    If you wish to discover your fashion style, look below to find a few ways that might just help you figure things out.

    Fashion inspiration

    First, you must search for fashion inspiration. You can start with family, friends, or your favorite celebrity’s style. Look for someone or something you admire, and try to spend a bit of time on social media to observe fashion trends from casual outfits to work-ready blazers. You might find plenty of bloggers with fashion tips and inspiration, so see what catches your eye.

    Another great way to discover your style is to find inspiration in your faith. For example, Christian shirts might be just what you’re looking for; religious graphic tees that will help you uplift Jesus’s name and elevate your style. Look for inspiration in anything else that inspires you like music, film, hobbies, etc. Spend time observing and discovering what feels right to you and what suits you best.

    Check your closet and experiment

    One of the easiest ways to start with your quest on finding your fashion style is through your closet. That’s right. Why look elsewhere when you can focus on what you already have. There are certain pieces in your closet you’ve never worn, laying there waiting for you to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with your style.

    Many people buy clothes that they feel comfortable with and usually wear the same ones repeatedly. Afraid to try something cool they bought it a couple of months or years ago, just because they didn’t like them the first time they tried them at home. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try wearing them outside and see how you feel about it.

    Highlight your best features

    Discover your body proportions. Search the web to find what styles would flatter your proportions and make an effort to find out what clothes would look good on you. For example, if you’re pear-shaped it means your hips are larger than your bust. Wearing a large t-shirt might exaggerate how large your hips are. Remember, you have to love your body to style it the way you want to. This also goes to say wearing clothes that suit you body’s habits are a must. For example if you sweat often getting some sweat proof t-shirts can help make you feel more comfortable and confident.

    Don’t hide your features, instead show off and highlight them. Wearing clothes that hide the parts you love about yourself might not be a good choice. But you don’t have to show it off, just simply accentuate it. Knowing what you want to highlight can greatly help you shop for clothes. Whether it’s your legs, arms, or waist, once you figure it out you’ll be able to wear anything you like.

    Details are necessary

    A simple way to discover your style is through details. Accessories can help you discover and highlight your fashion style. For example, jewelry can change the way you wear your clothes. If you prefer wearing casual outfits, adding simple accessories like earrings and a ring can elevate your style a bit and give your outfit a new feel.

    Discover your color palette and play with it wisely. You don’t want to add too much color and make your clothes look like they’re costumes. Details don’t necessarily mean jewelry. You can add hats, bags, and anything else you like, just make sure they fit in with your style. The point is to find yourself and not try to be someone else by changing your outfits entirely.

    Personal Style

    Find your trademark

    Closely with adding details is finding your trademark. Whether it’s a special necklace, a ring, or a hat, most people usually have one thing that especially defines their style. For example, some people don’t leave the house without makeup, or without a bunch of rings on their hands.

    Maybe you wear glasses and you want to incorporate them into your fashion style. Upgrade the frames with a cool shape or design. Add a special phone case or a small accessory to your handbag. The options are plenty, you just need to find something that defines you.

    Final thoughts

    Discovering your style means plenty of experiments until you reach the moment you look in the mirror and feel satisfied with what you see. Remember, others don’t have to like it, but you have to feel comfy and confident wearing the things you love. Don’t let fear stop you from finding yourself.    


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