4 Best Mens Jackets To Beat The Chill in 2023

    As the year draws close, in a couple of months, you will be reaching out for warmer apparel. And, when you are looking to brave the winter, jackets top everything else. Here’s a rundown of the four best men’s jackets to stay warm and look dapper this winter. 

    1. Bubble Jackets 

    Trendy, stylish, and functional – the bubble jacket for men has been in vogue since the 1990s. From traditional vests to coats, these jackets come in different styles and are favored for their “larger than life” look. They look robust, courtesy of the puffed look, but don’t feel that heavy when wearing. Among others, diamond-quilted stitching is a popular style with bubble jackets and seamlessly blends with an urban winter look. Thanks to synthetic fibers that offer excellent insulation against wind, moisture, and snow alike. Despite the bulky appearance of puffer jackets, you can always add a few layers underneath and still look good. No matter what stitching style you choose for a bubble jacket, ensure a fitted look. 

    DID YOU KNOW: The concept of a bubble jacket goes way back to 1930 when it was invented by Eddie Bauer following a near-death experience. Eddie and his friend were returning from a fishing trip in Washington in harsh weather when Eddie showed symptoms of hyperthermia. He was lucky to return home with the help of his friend and sought to invent a jacket that could withstand the worst cold, rain, and snow.  

    2. Leather Jackets 

    From John Travolta in “Grease” to Hugh Jackman in “X-Men,” leather jackets have been a prominent style statement across Hollywood. However, leather jackets aren’t just about fashion. Leather itself is an excellent insulator, which means it can trap heat for a long time. No wonder they are the most widely selling winter jackets all over. At the core, the strength of a leather jacket lies in its lining. Fleece and Thimuslate are widely preferred leather jacket linings that can brave harsh weather elements. Leather jackets are also a good option if your city witnesses light to moderate drizzle during the colder months.

    3. Denim Jackets 

    From cowboys to rappers, denim jackets in the US have come a long way. They are readily identified as a symbol of a progressive and sartorial history of the nation, something that stands for change and independence. However, when it comes to beating cold, denim jackets are a mixed blessing. Although it’s counted among winter wear, the efficacy of a denim jacket is often determined by the location. For instance, if you live in Florida, Arizona, or South California, where the temperature is mild, a denim jacket would do fine. However, if you want to use a denim jacket for arctic temperatures across the Northern USA, you will need more layers.

    Here are a few ways to use a denim jacket to keep it warm and stylish:

    • Pick a heavy sweater and throw your denim jacket right on top. 
    • Wear a plaid shirt to create the first layer, and then wear your denim jacket atop for light winters. 
    • Love pastel for men’s fashion? Turtlenecks are an excellent choice for winter. Pair it with a denim jacket and trousers to create a classy look.
    • Put on a flannel or a long-sleeved shirt, and throw your denim jacket right over. Add a puffy jacket on top, and you are good to go.

    4. Varsity Jackets 

    Before you consider a varsity jacket for winter, it’s important to understand its types. 

    Varsity jackets can be of different weights. The light ones are essentially those you can choose to wear for later summers and early fall. On the other hand, the heavier ones are reserved for late fall and winter.   

    The vital element in a varsity jacket that makes it winter-worthy is the woolen body. A heavy varsity jacket promises top-of-the-line insulation, which can brave colder climates. So, if you live in a town that generally witnesses mild to moderate winter, you can trust your favorite varsity jacket to keep you warm and cozy. 

    Besides, a varsity jacket brings forth great layering options. On a typical chilly day, you can put on a chunky sweater or a fleece hoodie underneath and wear your varsity jacket right over.

    If the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, you can remove your sweater and continue wearing the jacket. That way, you will never have to part way with style and still keep warm.

    Lastly, you can effortlessly pair a range of winter wear with varsity jackets-scarves, mufflers, gloves, and beanies. In short, it is a perfect balance between style and functionality. 

    Closing Thoughts 

    When it comes to braving the winter, jackets are an indispensable choice for men. From cultural significance to flexibility in style, winter jackets pack a punch for all good reasons. 


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