The Essential Guide to Buying a Refurbished Phone – Hulii Review

    Thinking of buying a new phone but want to avoid a costly upfront fee or a long term contract with interest? You should think about getting a refurbished phone.

    Refurbished phones are a great alternative to brand new phones, offering full-price quality at reduced prices, buying a refurbished phone is not only great on your wallet, it’s also great for the environment can save up to 80% off the RRP of certain makes and models; it’s an easy decision to make

    Here are some common questions that you may have about refurbished phones:

    What is a refurbished phone?

    Refurbished phones often begin their journey as excess, demo or used stock before passing through a refurbishing facility for review prior to being placed back on the market.

    Unlike a like a phone that you might purchase from Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace; a refurbished phone has gone through comprehensive cleaning and testing to help restore it back to a ‘new’ condition.

    Many people think that refurbished phones have been sent back to the manufacturer due to fault but that’s not always the case; many refurbished phones are excess, demo or returned products that cannot be restocked due to being lightly handled.

    Before the returned phone is ready to be resold, all the hardware needs to be repaired and tested by the resellers like Plug Tech, known for selling quality refurbished gadgets.. This will ensure that the new user will get the full mobile experience from their refurbished phone as well as avoiding hassle with return for faults.

    Hot Tip – You need to look out for the condition of the refurbished phone when purchasing though, the high standards of a ‘perfect condition’ handset might differ to ‘used’.null

    Benefits of buying a refurbished phone

    Refurbished phones come with many advantages, below are some advantages of considering buying a refurbished phone over a new one;


    In case you have ever thought of owning phones with cutting-edge technology at an affordable rate, you should not hesitate and run for the refurbished ones. Phones are getting more and expensive with some now selling for over $2000 a unit. Refurbished phones can be cheaper for a like-new experience.


    If you might have noticed, the majority of phones and their components are made of plastic and other non -recyclable material; meaning that they are non-biodegradable. What does this mean? These parts cannot break down in landfills easily and just become junk yard waste. Not allowing these phones to go to waste is the perfect option for our environment.

    person holding hulli refurbished phone


    Many of us normally think that refurbished phones are returned to the manufacturer due to the occurrence of fault but this is not usually the case. Some may return the phones maybe because they had bought another one or simply wanted a refund.

    While the cost of the handset matters, so does quality. In the next section of the article, we look closer at what determines a refurbished phone and the steps taken to overhaul th

    How much do refurbished phones cost?

    This is actually just like asking the average cost of anything like for instance a car. This actually varies depending greatly on the model and brand you intend to buy. When we look at a brand like Hulii, who have a variety of both refurbished Samsung phones and refurbished Apple phones. Their prices range from $180 to $750 depending on the model and condition.

    Is refurbished better than new?

    It depends on what you value. Refurbished phones can get pretty close to both the appearance and functionality of a new phone. If you choose a reputable refurbishment company who follow strict testing guidelines, you won’t even notice that the phone has been used before. Who are some of the phone companies that offer this high quality testing and flawless refurbs? Our recommendation is Hulii.

    Who does TheBeardMag recommend for refurbished phones?

    We mentioned them previously in the article and want to mention them again, Hulii our are preferred choice when it comes to buying a refurbished phone. They have some great deals on both Samsung and Apple handsets and offer different levels of refurbishment, all with high quality refurbs. We actually bought a phone from them to test their service, you can see our review below.

    What was our experience with Hulii? (a memo from a writer)

    I was recommended to Hulii from a friend, I had my S7 for a few years and was looking for an upgrade but didn’t want to pay the premium for a new phone or enter a binding contracting.

    I was really impressed with the diverse range of Apple and Samsung phones that Hulii have on site. I opted for a perfect condition Samsung S8 as it was closely aligned with my previous phone. The phone arrived to me in Australia within a few days and I couldn’t believe that it was a refurb phone. It was flawless in how it looks and runs, I have had a few phones in my time and it runs as perfect as any new phone.

    It came with a charging cable which was handy as the charging port was different to my old S7. Hulli is great, I have actually recommended them to a few friends who have never considered a refurbished phone.

    I love my new phone and will be looking to revisit in a few years when I need an upgrade.

    To checkout their products, visit

    Final Word

    Have you ever considered buying a refurbished phone? What are some of your concerns about choosing this option over buying a brand new phone?


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