Advice to Comping Newbies

    Are you new to the comping world? Maybe you wonder why you never win anything when you do enter, or you simply want to ramp up your chances and enter the comping world professionally. 

    Whatever your reason, we’re here to give some top tier advice for those wanting to embrace the comping world. 

    1. Bookmark your favourite sites

    Browsing online is a great way to kick-start your comping career, there’s an abundance of competitions available that go live daily. A top tip is to seek out some specific competition provider favourites to bookmark on your browser, this way you can return and enter easily throughout the week, increasing your chances by applying regularly and often. For example, if you’re after a new motor, Best of the Best is a great site for car competitions specifically, and offer three types of competitions. They’re a reputable competition provider and are well known for their presence at UK airports, where you’ll find them promoting luxury car giveaways. 

    2. Read the entry requirements

    This may sound obvious, but when you’re on a comping roll it can be easy to forget to read the finer print involved in competitions. Checking the T&Cs might sound dull, but they can often hold key information about entry requirements, which is something you don’t want to get wrong! Equally, having the T&Cs present is a strong indicator that the competition is legitimate and your data is being handled professionally. If you’re also worried about being spammed by competition provider emails after you enter, checking the T&Cs will highlight what it is exactly you’re signing up for when you enter. 

    3. Broaden your entries

    It’s easy to forget the more traditional methods of comping. We’re talking radio stations, television, and newspapers and magazines. Radio stations run competitions all the time, and the beauty of it is – there are so many radio stations! If listening to the radio frequently enough to enter loads of competitions isn’t for you, then embrace the web. Most radio stations will host the competitions online too, where you can enter rather than calling or texting in. Newspapers and magazines are also a great source for competitions. A lot of competitions within print media allow postal entries, try a postcard or creative piece of writing to make your entry stand out. 

    4. Enter far and wide 

    If you’re really serious about winning more competitions, cast your comping net far and wide. By this, we mean to enter as many competitions as possible. If you are entering for a prize you’re not really interested in – check the T&Cs to see if you can trade the prize for a cash alternative should you win. 

    5. Get social

    Social media is a great source for competitions, offering a wide variety of prizes big and small. From huge holiday providers to small, local businesses, there’s a prize somewhere to be won. Get in the habit of searching certain hashtags, such as #competition or #giveaway. Another great tip is to create social media accounts purely for competition entries, this way you can keep your private account separate from your comping world, especially considering how many social media competitions require sharing stories or posts. 

    6. Make autofill your best bud

    On all browsers, from Google to Safari, there’s an autofill option. Using autofill will become your best friend as you enter the comping world. Filling out entry form after entry form can become quite tiresome, and autofill will really help speed up those entries, and, you guessed it, help you enter even more competitions. It’s easy enough to set up, on chrome, simply go to your ‘settings’ in the top right corner, and select ‘autofill’ on the left to begin. 

    Make sure your details are up to date and grammaticall correct too, as if you win, you want to be sure the competition provider can contact you!

    7. Get creative with your entries

    There are competitions out there that require a little more than just filling out an online form, though. Some competitions request entry requirements in the form of a creative submission, such as a video or a piece of art, for example. This is a great opportunity to put on your thinking cap, and really have some fun with your entry. The competition judges will really look into the best entry, and a great tip is to look at previous submissions from past competitions to know the type of quality that’s expected. It’s worth noting too, that these competitions often receive less entrants due to the extra effort required to enter, which means those that do have a higher chance of winning. 

    8. Comper’s community

    Entering the comping world might seem daunting at first, but it’s definitely worth stepping into should you be serious about becoming a comper. There’s a huge community out there of people just like you, that are all about entering competitions and winning prizes. It’s a friendly community and you’ll find a whole variety of hints and tips online. Online comping forums or social media pages are also great for sharing and finding competitions you might have missed, and you never know, you might make some new friends along the way! 

    We think it’s great you’ve decided to give the world of comping a go, and it’s important to remember to have fun with it. Winning competitions is more often than not simply down to luck of the draw, but we hope with the above competition advice you can see some frequent wins come through. Good luck and happy comping!


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