8 Dating Rules for a Modern Love Story

    We’re not given rules when it comes to dating. Our parents couldn’t because the way they dated was based on traditional values. Our friends can understand us, but those who are single and looking can’t be advised by a friend who pair up during college. There’s online dating now for people of all ages, there are different types of relationships, and the entire landscape has changed, and it continues to change. Let’s see.

    Know what you want

    We’ve evolved our dating etiquette so much, and there’s still not one cure for a broken heart. Knowing what you want is the only thing that can prevent your heart from cracking too much. If you want a relationship, don’t settle for a situationship. If you want to have kids, don’t go for someone who doesn’t hoping that they will change their mind. 

    Unless you have the talk, you’re not exclusive

    The talk is probably the most dreaded dating situation of the 21st century. People fear speaking their intentions for fear of being rejected. But is this a rejection or a redirection? Exclusivity is no longer the norm, as we’re facing the rise of alternative types of relationships like polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, friends with benefits and so on. The talk is the first step towards exclusivity, so learn how to communicate well.

    People date multiple partners at once

    We’ve talked previously about having the talk to know if you are exclusive, and this is the reason why. The fact that you’ve aced your first date and already discussing the second one doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. 

    Many people go on multiple first dates, and this is just a fact. Many people date several people simultaneously as they try to figure out who fits their idea of a partner. Be aware of this and try to figure out if your date is only looking for fun while you are looking to write an entire chapter or even a book with this person.  

    Swipe is the way to love

    We used to hear stories of people falling in love on a night out, while today, we swipe our way to love. Dating apps  such as WhosHere Plus App are here, and everything points toward them being here to stay. Online dating is as normal as traditional dating, you just need to approach dating apps with the right mindset. View them as a way to expand your options, meet new people, ge to know them through chatting so you can get to know them in real life.

    …so are traditional methods

    Even though we can open an app and swipe our way to a date has not eliminated traditional dating methods. Meeting compatible people through a professional matchmaker will probably increase in popularity as dating apps still rely on the superficial. Especially if you’re gay, single and looking for love, getting help with gay dating New York might be the path to a long-term relationship. 

    Reading red and green flags is a valuable skill

    You’ve probably heard people talk about their red and green flags, and social media have widely popularised this trend. Depending on how you’re meeting your potential dates, you need to be observant and know how to differentiate between positive and negative signals. For example, an online dating profile red flag would be if the profile isn’t verified. These aren’t universal; however, if something doesn’t seem right from the beginning, it will be the reason you’re breaking up with the person later on.

    The relationship is not a rom-com story

    The belief that your life will become perfect the moment your person step into it is a misconception portrayed by rom-coms. If you want a successful relationship, you need to focus on what happens after they start living together happily ever after. The happily ever after requires much self-work, relationship effort, and work. 

    Quality over quantity

    The fact that we live in a world of endless options doesn’t mean that it makes our lives easier. On the contrary, you can easily fall into the trap of pursuing numerous shallow connections. That’s why we all need to prioritise quality over quantity. Focus on meaningful connections, prioritise quality conversations, and seek shared interests to build a more profound and lasting connection.

    Lastly, modern love and modern dating require a strong ability to communicate with love and respect. Communication is the base, everything else can be built. Open and honest communication is the key to maintaining a healthy and thriving connection.


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