5 Reasons Adult Men Turn to Substance Abuse and Addiction

    Even though we all know that drugs, alcohol, and other substances endanger out health, cloud our judgment, and do us absolutely no good, so many people still turn to them every single day. There are lots of reasons why that happens, but if you wish to understand why this happens among men of all ages in particular, here are a few things you need to take into consideration.

    Struggling with masculinity

    Just because people perceive you as a strong and stable man doesn’t mean you see yourself that way as well. What most people don’t know is that men across the world are struggling with their masculinity and don’t know what to do about it. They’re unsure who they are and what their purpose in life is, which is why they turn to different substances that cause addiction.

    Whether this is happening to you as well or not, you need to remember one thing: your mental health has nothing to do with your masculinity. It doesn’t define how masculine you are or what your appearance is, so seeking comfort in substances makes no sense at all. Of course, you can find other ways to boost your mental health and be a more stable person, but substance abuse is not the answer.

    Facing the stigma

    This is another huge issue that men around the globe are dealing with, and it’s particularly widespread in the gay community. Yes, we’re living in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean gay men aren’t facing any stigma – on the contrary, they might be dealing with physical and mental problems every day of their lives, ultimately trying to solve them by focusing their energy on different substances.

    Instead of doing that, you need to find healthier ways to fight this stigma. Invest your time in other things, work on your physical and mental health, and focus your energy on your own feelings and thoughts. Whatever you do, try to remember that these are all healthier options than any solution substances can offer you.

    Trying to change their lives

    Not everyone is into substances because they enjoy their effect – or at least not just because of that – and some men turn to substances as a way to make a living. This is something we see every day, on our TV and in real life, and drug offences are common all around the world, from Australia to Canada and everywhere in between.

    However, drug offences can be dealt with quickly and painlessly if you know the right people. In aforementioned Australia, for instance, people can look into those reliable criminal lawyers in Parramatta who can bail them out and defend them before the court. These people can ultimately save your life and help you find the right path in the future, and that’s something we all need.

    Feeling lost

    Losing a loved one, not feeling like you belong, or not being satisfied with your life are just some of the things men everywhere are feeling right now, but not all of them know how to handle these emotions. Rationalizing them and finding a way out is never easy, but you can do it if you have the right support system around you.

    Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, you should turn to people who love you. Helping a friend who’s fighting addiction is challenging, but your true friends won’t have a problem doing this for you. The same goes for your family and your significant other, so talk to these people and don’t be afraid to open up to them. 

    Not knowing what to do

    Feeling lost isn’t the only problem men are struggling with – lots of them are also feeling bored and are unsure what they’re doing with their lives. Feeling hopeless and sceptical about your future is hard, but this isn’t the reason to start thinking about drugs and alcohol as a way to find your purpose. Instead, you need to find a new purpose and give your life a new meaning. Meanwhile, if you’re already dealing with drugs or alcohol, considering rehab and seeking professional support can be a crucial lifeline toward reclaiming control of your life and finding a healthier path forward. Remember, it’s never too late to make a positive change and discover a new sense of purpose beyond substance abuse.

    What you need to do instead is find a new hobby. What you may not know is that hobbies are surprisingly useful when fighting addiction, so start looking for a new hobby right now. This will help you relive your happiest memories, keep your brain being sharp, prevent boredom, and work on your sense of self-worth. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do and which hobby you opt for, as long as you’re doing something positive with your time and energy instead of turning to illegal substances.

    As you can see, lots of adult men turn to substances because of reasons that make absolutely no sense at all. These are just excuses to act a certain way, so just eliminate things that trigger your bad behaviour and say goodbye to substances forever!


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