7 Essentials You Should Have To Maintain Your Beard

    Some men grow beards better than others, but maintaining to grow it and make them look fabulous takes a tall order. That’s why it’s important to have essential tools to keep them sassy and classy. Thanks to the internet, these tools are readily available in online shops and stores, such as GroomAndStyle, who offer the best beard maintenance tools for men.

    It’s important to know that beard maintenance also involves the skin underneath as much as the hair itself. Do you want to have that fine, non-scratchy, and well-kempt beard? Here are some necessities you’ll need to groom and maintain your beard.  

    1. Beard Wash or Shampoo

    Due to constant exposure to dust, oil, grime, or even food cramps, regular beard cleaning is essential. That’s why you should have a beard wash or shampoo as a necessity to maintain beards as it scrubs down all the dirt and exfoliates the skin beneath the beard.

    Due to other components that come along with beard wash or shampoo, depending on type and quality, it helps to keep the beard soft and manageable. It also keeps the beard smelling fresh and clean for oil application, preventing irritation and itchiness.

    2. Beard Oil

    For a proper beard maintenance routine, beard oil, especially high-quality oil, is crucial for proper beard care. It swiftly absorbs into the whiskers and skin beneath, softening them, making it easy to groom, style, and maintain the hair follicles. It also keeps itchiness in check while preventing blemishes and ingrowing hairs in the skin.

    Lightweight essential oils absorb and reach under the skin quickly to keep it moisturized, especially during the winter when beards are susceptible to dryness. This feature makes the beard oil an essential grooming kit.

    3. Beard Balm

    Beard balm is a combination of beard oil and beard wax because it combines the moisturizing aspect from beard oil and the holing property in beard wax. It’s most effective when the beards develop to become longer and thicker since it holds them in check, without any stiffness in cool or dry conditions. 

    A simple pass of balm can go a long way in making one’s beard epic.

    4. Beard Comb 

    Since it’s a crucial styling tool in giving beards the shape and style that you desire, investing in a good beard comb goes a long way in keeping your beard well-groomed. In addition to eliminating ingrown hair, the beard comb also helps distribute beard conditioning products, such as oil and balm, evenly, allowing them to take the desired action in all places.

    Wooden combs are the best compared to plastic or metallic material combs because their teeth are well-shaped, minimizing poking and blunt cuts. Therefore, investing in the right kind of beard comb is essential for maintaining one’s beard.

    5. Beard Brush

    A beard brush creates a soothing feeling that only makes a beard owner proud. It helps to distribute the sebum from one’s skin to each strand of beard. To ensure they remain nourished, it’s advisable to brush your beards before bed, preventing them from breaking or follicles from suffocating. 

    Beard brushes allow preferred grooming and aid in distributing beard oil, giving it a finesse finished look. They also help to keep the skin healthy. Like combs, a wooden brush is preferred over other materials because their teeth are well curved, preventing cuts and harsh poking.

    6. Beard Trimmer

    Even if you’re avoiding the temptation to cut your hair from its early stages and persevering through itching, it’s important to understand how to trim your hair to keep it magnificent. A properly trimmed whisker helps maintain beards and ensuring they’re well-kempt and healthy.

    selection of beard trimmers

    With upcoming trends and styles, you can control how your beard should look like. Thanks to the beard trimmers, they allow beard customization, while at the same time, keeping them good-looking and healthy. 

    Alternatively, a pair of scissors can help shape and maintain your beards when they grow in an unruly manner, especially around the stache area. Therefore, for a beard maintenance kit, a beard trimmer or scissors, depending on one’s preference, is necessary.

    7. Beard Conditioner

    There are two types of beard conditioners: leave-in conditioner and a conditioning wash. Both are essential for beard maintenance since they condition and massage into the skin, keeping both your skin and beard luscious, clean, and fresh.  

    A beard conditioner also softens each hair, making the whiskers easy to tame, while at the same time, preventing itchiness. Lastly, its ability to hydrate the beard leaves the skin less peachy and moist.


    Your beard and skin reflect not only your health and hygiene but also your personal responsibility. Therefore, once you decide to grow beards, take note that they require proper beard care to keep them manageable. Remember, being a beards-man needs more than just growing the beard as it also needs grooming to keep it healthy and fresh.


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