What To Do If You Have a Patchy Beard?

    Patchy beard getting you down? When you see bearded legends such as Zach Galifianakis or David Letterman, you probably think that growing a beard is relatively simple.

    But unfortunately that’s not always the case. For many a patchy beard can be a big problem. One of the most common issues that people talk to me about is patchy facial hair. Unfortunately this often leads to guys shaving their beards off prematurely. Such a shame!

    For those thinking that nothing can be done – think again. It does not necessarily mean the end of your bearded dreams.

    This blog post will explain what to do if your beard is patchy. And no, I am not going to talk about beard transplants!

    Be patient

    So you’ve decided to join the beard club. Great news! However, after a week or so you notice some patches on your cheeks. That’s when you start to wonder, how are they going to possibly fill in?!

    man with patchy beard

    The problem is, most people want and expect instant growth results.

    That includes me. Whenever I have shaved off my beard, (not a regular occurrence!) I always felt that it took way too long to grow back.

    But if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I constantly talk about the importance of being patient.

    There is a good reason for that. Only after letting your beard grow for at least 2/3 months will you see its true potential and can judge how well the patches have filled in.

    As the hair gets longer, you should notice it start to drop and cover any patches you may have. If this doesn’t happen, don’t despair. Your hair might just need a bit of encouragement…

    Brush it

    Letting your beard grow out for a few months is just part of the story. Another important aspect of any great beard grooming regime is to brush it on a daily basis.

    Why is this the case? Naturally, beards tend to grow outwards rather than downwards. The reasons for this are unknown. All I do know is that it’s very annoying!

    That’s where brushing comes in. As unbelievable as this may sound, by brushing your beard every day you are in fact helping to train the hair to grow downwards, rather than outwards.

    Whether to use a comb or a brush is up for debate. However, my personal recommendation would be to use a boar haired brush, as the different length of bristles gives you a better chance of reaching all of the hairs within your beard.

    Use appropriate products

    patchy beard

    Beard products are now big business. In fact, they make up a global male grooming market that by 2024, is estimated to be worth about $29.14 billion.

    There is a good reason for this. Not only do they keep your beard looking and feeling healthy, they can also help to encourage hair growth.

    No I’m not talking about random pills or vitamins. I am talking about widely used products that can do your beard the world of good:

    • Beard oil – Primarily used for moisturising the skin underneath your beard, choosing one with castor oil as an ingredient will also help to encourage your hair to grow fuller and stronger.
    • Beard balm – I use this to help sculpt my beard, but if you’re looking for a growth spurt, look for one that contains rosemary oil, which is known to stimulate hair follicles.
    • Beard growth spray – According to the guys at Beardoholic, buying one with all-natural ingredients helps to strengthen and soften the hair and skin at the same time. It also provides your skin and hair follicles with essential nutrients, to help your beard to grow more rapidly.

    Choose a different style

    If you’ve tried growing a full beard and you’re still worried about patchiness, then you’re probably wondering what to do next.

    Don’t worry, you still have plenty of options. What I love about beards the most is the huge variety of styles that you can choose from. Whatever face shape you have, there is bound to be a style that is perfect for you.

    For example, if you have a large amount of patchiness on your cheeks, you may want to consider these facial hair styles instead:

    • Goatee – Probably the most popular choice for guys with patchiness on her cheeks. Not my personal favourite though. I would look too much like my Dad if I had one!
    • Van Dyke – If you fancy a bit of a twist on the traditional goatee, a Van Dyke might be for you. It is great for experimenting with. Curling the ends of your moustache or shaving off your soul patch are just two ways in which you can mix things up.
    • Anchor – Fancy looking like Iron Man? This is the style for you! Although your beard trimming skills will need to be top notch to pull this off.
    • Moustache – If you’re looking to move away from beards completely, a moustache might be the answer. A cool look if you can pull it off. I haven’t been brave enough to do it yet!

    Niall Sullivan is a freelance writer who has a major passion for beards! He developed a love for writing at school and during his time at university studying journalism. Check out his blog at for lots of beard and male grooming tips.


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