London Beard Company – Beard Oil Review

    We recently received some scented beard oils from our friends at The London Beard Company, we wanted to review this product for them and share our thoughts.

    The product they sent us was there Eastern Spice and Citrus Blend, As with most with beard oils they claim that it will help soften, condition, repair, dry splitting hairs, and nourish new growth.

    Beard Oil

    Both of the oils come in a standard 30ml bottle with a pippet, there is a simple sticker on the front, this includes a logo and product ingredients. They have also included a small instruction guide, this is helpful for any newly bearded men. When you first smell both oils, you can see that London Beard Company have researched their scents.

    Eastern Spice
    The Eastern spice oil has a combination of clementine & clove which compliment each other to produce a refreshingly sweet aroma with a hint of spice. We smelt hints of aniseed in the oil which transformed our senses into the back alleys of Morocco. If you like a touch of spice in your life, we definitely think you should apply this oil. We suggest using this with a spicy fragrance, it is an evening oil which would keep your beard smelling great for a night out.

    Citrus Blend
    The Citrus blend is an intricate combination of base & essential oils. The fusion of lemon & grapefruit together with notes of tea tree produce an invigorating & pleasant aroma. The smell of lemon and lime is very strong but not too overpowering. With summer fast approaching, we think this oil would compliment a lighter summer fragrance, it will keep your beard feeling light and smelling aromatic.

    Focusing on the oils – they claim that their base mixture is designed to give their beard oil a lightweight & easily absorbable texture. We definitely felt this, once the oil is heated in the balm – you can feel the oil soften your skin and applying it to the beard is very softening. As soon as you start applying the product to your beard, you can feel the quality coming through, along with the distinct smell.

    After using this product daily for several weeks, we definitely felt that it helped condition the beard as well affirm its claims of making it softer and healthier. The size of the bottle and the amount of beard oil it includes will keep you happy for at least a month when used in moderation.

    It might be on the pricey side, retailing at just under £15 but they do run promotions and discounts on their Twitter. This product is officially approved by TheBeardMag.

    Features of London Beard Company Beard Oils

    • The beard oil is light, warm & fresh.
    • When warmed, it absorbs quickly into your beard
    • Distinct scents
    • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients


    • Olea europaea (olive oil)
    • Argania spinosa (argan oil)
    • Blended with notes of aromatic essential oils.


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