Flynn & King Review

    We would like to introduce you to a new skincare company straight out of Brooklyn, Flynn & King. A skincare range that are changing the face of the industry. The brand was founded by Corina and Summer who struggled with skin sensitivity growing up, they made a conscious choice to try to change the skincare world.


    They have sourced 100% natural, organic and sustainable ingredients to create an entire new line of skincare products. We are very fond of their mission and morals, along with their great personalities and their eco and style conscious ideas. They were kind enough to send us a full range of products from their collection for us to review.

    Groom – Beard and Hair Treatment with Argan and Rosehip Oil


    This grooming oil is perfect for men and women looking for a multipurpose grooming oil which can be used on beards and heads alike. The ingredients in this oil are known to improve growth, hair health as well hydrate the skin underneath. Packed full of natural ingredients such as castor oil, area oil and Jojoba –  Flynn and King have found the perfect natural balance for multifunctional oil.

    We used this product for several weeks on both our hair and beard, just a small drop gently applied after a wash is enough. We immediately felt the natural oil soften the hair, the castor oil within the product provides a thickness which doubles up a shaping tool. The rosehip oils are subtle and offer a sweet scent, after a few hours of having this product in your hair – you will still be able to feel the antimicrobial properties which help balance and normalise. Unlike most beard oils, this product will last all day and keep your hair and skin hydrated whilst keeping it nourished and full of vitamins.

    Detox – Neem and Activated Charcoal Soap


    One of our favourite products from Flynn & King is their handcrafted charcoal soap, formulated for sufferers of acne, overactive oil glands, and skin disorders. Most men would never think about using a bar of soap for washing their body, the rise of shower gels seem to be the first port of call. We insist that if you are one of these men, you invest in this product – especially if you suffer from any skin disorders.

    As soon as you start to use the soap, the anti inflammatory components purify the skin and the activated charcoal removes any impurities. The scent is natural and a bar will last well over 50 washes, after a wash with this soap you feel detoxed and cleansed. You will not have experience the sensation of using a soap like this unless you move away from showergel, your skin will immediately feel smoother and deeply conditioned.

    Orange Lavender Recover Balm


    The recover balm is made from beeswax sourced from a local farmer, full of natural oils and butters which hold enough vitamins and nutrients to keep damaged skin hydrated and protected. We tested the orange lavender balm, a citrus based scent with a perennial kick.

    The balm itself is in a stick form, it is pliable and we found that it softened the skin, we could feel the rehydrating ingredients when applying to skin. If you struggle with dry skin around your face, cheek or neck area then we suggest purchasing some of this balm, it will help prevent dryness and irritation.

    We definitely think you should be visiting Flynn & King and purchase some of the products we have reviewed here. Corina and Summer are a great team with some fantastic skincare products, they have everything you need to keep your skin and beard hydrated and well maintained. Check them out here.


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