The Moustache Wax Guide


    What is Moustache Wax?

    Moustache wax is a staple grooming tool for keeping your mo in a controlled shape, it keeps the hairs in place and supports your furry lip. This is a wax that can be applied to your moustache to provide a pliable stiffness for styling and protective purposes.

    There are three categories for moustache wax, soft, medium, and hard. Soft wax is normally used in shorter tashes to help control stray hairs and simply give a shiny look. Medium and hard waxes work well with longer lengths and are used for controlling and styling purposes. We suggest all of you to invest in a firmer wax in the humid seasons.

    Most waxes come in either a tube, stick or can, the latter being a firm favourite with most brands. The canned version is often a small tin where the wax can be scraped out, the tube can be squeezed for touch up purposes whilst the stick has a similar application as lip balm.

    What is in it?

    There are hundreds of types of wax on the market but they all use a basic formula, a mixture of wax and oil. Each company will adapt their recipe to suit their market, adding new scents and essential oils to improve their USP.

    The most common ingredients are:
    • Beeswax
    • Coconut oil or Shea nut butter (or any saturated vegetable oil, solid at room temperature, and not prone to rancidity)
    • Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
    • Gum Arabic or Pine Resin
    • Scented oils
    • Tallow

    How to Apply

    Step 1 – Select your wax
    Select a wax that works for you, it could be a specific scent or stiffness that you prefer. We recommend checking out our shops where we have lots of waxes to choose from.

    Step 2 – Warm your wax
    You need to warm your wax so it becomes easier to apply, we suggest gently heating it on a radiator or with a hairdryer on a low heat. You need to make sure the wax softens, this will make the following 2 steps easier.

    Step 3 – Scrape your wax
    With your fingernails, scrape a pea size amount of wax onto each of your index finger and thumb. You need to make sure you have wax in each hand so you can evenly apply to both sides of your mo.

    Step 4 – Apply your wax
    Gently massage the balls of wax into your moustache, starting from the centre and working your way to the tips. You want to make sure you are applying it evenly and not leaving any lumps of wax visible. Once your moustache has been fully covered, style as you please. (We suggest adding more wax if you want a firmer hold.) You can even use a moustache comb to help separate the hair.

    Removing Moustache Wax

    It is important that you remove the wax at the end of every use, you want to make sure that you are keeping your mo clean and keeping wax in can block your pores and dry out the skin underneath. Here are two ways you can remove it:

    Option 1 – Warm Soapy Water
    The traditional way to remove any facial products is with warm soapy water, gently rinse your face and towel dry. Soap can cause dryness and leave your hair damaged so we advise the option 2 below.

    Option 2 -Moustache Remover
    Moustache removers are an oil based substance which will help remove the build-up of wax without damaging your hair, they also act as a moisturiser which will help keep your mo healthy. Apply a small amount onto a shaving brush and gently massage across your mo, loosening the wax. You can either leave the oil in overnight to condition or you can rinse out with a splash of warm water. There are several moustache wax removers available on the market, here are some of our favourites:

    Check out some of our favourite moustaches in our ‘Men with Moustaches’ gallery and look through some of our other grooming guides.



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