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    Have you ever wondered how models, celebrities and sports stars always have great looking skin? It is because they use the right products to keep their skin clear and healthy from the inside out. Women have access to thousands of skincare products, these aren’t always for women only, men can use them too. When you have a beard, you need to make sure that your skin is kept moisturised, healthy and clean. After reading this guide you be able to understand what skin care products can keep your skin looking healthy and younger.

    Moisturisers and Toners

    When you compare women’s skin needs to mens, there is a slight difference. One of the main differences is that men need to shave which often makes their skin drier, it dehydrates the face and chin area. The easiest way to rehydrate the skin is to drink lots of water and use a mens moisturising lotion, we recommend the L’oreal range. It is scientifically proven that men sweat more than women, this means that their pores are larger and contain more oils. The … toner below is designed specifically for men to help relieve this condition.

    Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner
    Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

    Skin Health

    You need to make sure you are keeping your skin healthy from the inside out. Keeping yourself in good health improves your immune system, this will help fight of the ageing process. One of the ways you can help improve the ageing process is through a balanced diet. Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating junk food will make your skin oily and can often lead to spots and dirty pores. We advise that you keep to healthy, natural foods to soften your face lines, wrinkles and other skin damage.

    Both men and women have a skin care routine in place, a need to you the right products to protect the skin. You can help fight external attacks such as disease, pollution and UV rays which products that are made to protect these.

    Natural Products

    If you want to immediately improve your skin, you need to start using some all natural male skin care products. You need to avoid any lotions and cremes that contain chemicals, these can harm your skin and cause further damage. This becomes more important when you have a beard, you want to make sure that you are keeping your facial skin hydrated to keep your beard healthy.

    The Body Shop Skincare Range

    You can always pop into your local Boots to get a checkup or use this Bodyshop skin analyser, they are able to analyse the current state of your skin and advise you on the right products you should be using. It is always better to get professional advice, it can help decrease the ageing process and keep your skin glowing into your 50’s

    It is never too late to start a skin care routine, unless your skin has been damaged through excessive UV abuse. Find a routine that works for you, there are plenty of products to choose from, you just need to understand which of those products work best for you.

    Male Grooming Online

    Here are some of our favourite stores who stock mens skincare products, check them out –

    Boots – The UK’s number 1 health and beauty retailer.

    The Body Shop – A UK cosment and natural product supplier.

    Holland & Barrett – A national chain of healthy food and supplements.

    Lloyds Pharmacy – The UK’s leading pharmacy with primary care at its heart.

    The Shaving Shack – They offer a range of men’s wet shaving, grooming and skincare products.

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