A Guide To Beard Oil

    We have partnered with our friends over at The Audacious Beard Co to bring you the definitive guide to beard oil, trust us when we say these are the experts.

    Why use beard oil?

    When you start growing a beard it makes quite a difference to your morning bathroom routine and although you won’t be spending time shaving, you will still likely feel the need to give your newly acquired beard some attention.

    Facial hair or androgenic hair differs from the hair on your head and has thicker coarser strands which, because of their flatness, will start to curl as your beard becomes longer. Beneath this testosterone driven beard your facial skin is very soft and sensitive. At the start of your beard growing journey the ends of the hairs may feel almost sharp from that last cut of the razor. Combined with a desire to keep stroking your newly acquired manliness, this sharpness can cause irritation to the skin beneath the beard.

    By introducing good quality beard oil to your daily routine you will experience all the benefits of moisturising, conditioning and strengthening your beard, whilst also taming unruly hairs and soothing your skin beneath.

    Beard Oils

    What is beard oil?

    Beard oil is usually made up of a combination of oils, essential oils and vitamin E, blended to compose scents that smell great while offering various benefits for a healthy beard.

    There are a multitude of fantastic beard oil makers out there and they all have their own unique signature blends. Our Audacious Buccaneer beard oil uses a blend of Grape seed, tangerine, tea tree, bergamot, bay and vitamin E oil to produce a product which is non greasy yet moisturising and conditioning.

    A great beard oil company who use vitamin E in their products are Beard Major, make sure you check out their range of quality beard oils.

    It is designed to enhance your beard’s natural oils and hydrate it right to the follicles, preventing dry skin or the dreaded beardruff. If your hair is brittle or weak, treating it with good quality beard oil can help to restore its strength and shine. The Buccaneer beard oil helps lock in moisture, keeping the beard healthy and preventing split ends.

    beard oil

    Key features:

    • Moisturising and conditioning
    • Encourages healthy beard growth
    • Soothing skin and preventing Beardruff
    • Promotes healthy hair and improves dry brittle hair
    • Tames those unruly beard hairs

    Using beard oil in your daily routine

    There are three important parts to caring for an Audacious beard.

    The first is really hard and might be the most difficult = DON’T KEEP TOUCHING YOUR BEARD. It strips the natural oils off the hairs, irritates the skin beneath and eventually tangles the hairs, leaving them feeling dry and brittle.

    Secondly = USE A GOOD BEARD WASH. Many regular shampoos and shower gels are too harsh for facial hair, leaving your beard feeling dry and your skin sensitive. This can become more noticeable the longer you grow your beard.

    We would recommend only washing your beard with a product three or four times a week.


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