Why Do Men Face Problems Like Patchy Beard, Ginger beard, And Tangled Beard?

    An average beard is known to grow as long as 5.5 inches/year, which is why most men love to flaunt a full beard. However, one might find it difficult to grow that perfect beard, especially when the problem lies deep inside of you. When the cause is genetic, there might not be much you can put into for things to change. However, issues such as patchy beard, ginger beard, or tangled beard could be due to the lack of Testosterone hormone.

    If you are struggling with the same, then you can cure it by using the right diet and fitness products. However, picking the right product is not an easy task, but a little research is worth it. So, now we know that lack of testosterone could be the culprit behind your patchy beard, let us know why exactly we face this hormonal depletion.

    Top Reasons That Cause Patchy, Ginger, or Tangled Beard

    1 – Diabetes and Low Testosterone:

    Since Testosterone is the prime driving hormone for the male gender, lack of the same can lead to Type II diabetes as well as promote hair loss. Not just that, even if your beard hair does grow, it might grow at a fairly slower rate and fail to fill up that patch or provide the right nutrition to your hairs. People that suffer from diabetes also ail from a condition called alopecia that causes hair loss in patches as it attacks the body’s immune system with hair to go out first.

    Testosterone helps your body’s tissues to absorb the blood glucose as a response to the insulin produced in your pancreas. However, men suffering from low testosterone issues generally have problems with insulin resistance. They might have to produce a higher amount of insulin to keep the blood sugar level normal, which eventually leads to diabetes.

    However, with the right diet and fitness products, one can make up for this loss and get back that thick and healthy beard. In case you are wondering what products would be right for you for a natural testosterone boost; several reputed review websites list out reliable testosterone boosters for use. For instance, OurFitness Life is a fitness & nutrition product review site that curates high-quality products after rigorous testing sessions. So, make sure you do check them out!

    2 – DHT induced baldness:

    Testosterone present in our body can metabolize into a rather active form known as DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This hormone, when present in the right amount, is very good for our body. However, an abrupt increase or decrease of the same can lead to hair loss and hence patchy beard.

    The DHT coats your hair follicles and inhibits the flow of blood or nutrition to the same, leading to loss or hair or reduced hair growth. It can also cause your hair to get dry and hence lead to a tangled beard. Moreover, an abrupt pause of nutrient flow is also linked to change of hair color, which means you might see yourself getting that ginger beard.

    3 – Age Factor:

    This factor is not known to many, but male testosterone levels drop down significantly as we age. It could lead to potential baldness accompanied by loss of hair from the beard. In case your genetics have blessed you with a luscious mane, you might not need outside intervention.

    However, trusting any random brand to fulfill your testosterone needs isn’t something you should do. Always consult a reliable review website to understand what some of the best testosterone supplements available in the market are.

    4 – Stress:

    We all know that stress has a negative impact on our body, and the same rules apply to your beard hair as well. Stress might not be directly linked to beard hair loss; rather, it leads to a significant depletion of your body’s testosterone level.

    Ideally, a male individual aged between 25 and 40 should have his testosterone ranging between 669 mg/dL to 597 mg/DL. The lower numbers represent the testosterone count that depletes with age. Stress has a major impact on our hormonal health and leads to abrupt hair loss or absence of nutrition from the hair, which could be a cause for a tangled beard.

    5 – Genetic Absence:

    While you cannot change your genes, you can surely use supplements synthesized to help tackle this everlasting issue. Inherently, some male individuals will have problems growing a full beard due to the absence of proper testosterone levels.

    While this might not affect them at the health level, it could surely be a demeaning factor when it comes to looks. Most young individuals, as well as old ones, love to flaunt a full beard. However, failing to grow one can affect their self-esteem and lead to other mental problems that stem from the lack of self-confidence.

    With the right supplement to combat this issue, one can gain a chance to flaunt that beard and look his best-self.

    6 – Wrong Shampoo:

    You might not know this, but using the wrong shampoo can also be a culprit in reducing your testosterone levels.

    How so?

    Shampoos are designed to seep into your skin, and not every shampoo is healthy for your hair follicle. It could also further seep into your body, wreaking havoc to your hormonal chemistry. It eventually leads to discoloration of the hair, dryness, tangling, or patchy growth.

    The right way to go is to use shampoos that are designed with chemical-free formula or made from naturally occurring materials. It helps replenish the normal growth for your beard so that you can flaunt your style once again.


    Bringing thickness to your beard hair doesn’t have to be a tiresome journey. After consulting with your physician, get yourself checked for lower testosterone levels. In case this is the story for you, there are amazing supplements available in the market for you to try out.

    However, make sure that you do so after checking through the review at trustworthy websites. It will help ensure that you get access to high-quality and safe products that help with a natural boost in your testosterone level.

    Now, all you need to do is stay healthy and follow the intake of your testosterone supplements religiously to see results within months.


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