An In-Depth Guide To Hot Towel Shave

    Pre-shave treatments are an important part of a man’s grooming regimen. It requires performing the task correctly to achieve an effortless, clean shave. Following the appropriate pre-shave procedure, along with using quality brushes and blades, will ultimately increase the effectiveness and overall quality of one’s shave, giving the individual an excellent look in preparation for the next crucial meeting, interview, or date.

    A proper hot towel shave guarantees that the skin on the face is adequately prepped for shaving. In other words, the treatment is intended to warm and prepare the skin as well as eliminate build-up, leaving an exhilarating and refreshing sensation. A hot towel shave can be accomplished with just a bath towel and water and is ideal for men in a rush or when shaving in a public place.

    Why Use a Hot Towel Shave? 

    A hot towel shave is the most versatile pre-shave preparation. With hot towel shaves, a man has the opportunity to do all of his grooming in one go. The procedure is an excellent choice for anyone prone to razor bumps, which is common with men who dry shave with razor blades. The combination of warm water and a hot towel will prevent those bumps.

    Some men may want to use a warm bath or shower to get the skin ready to shave, while others will choose to apply moisturizer, shave cream, and conditioner. For any of these grooming tasks, a warm towel is a very welcome addition to the process.

    Inspecting the Hair

    One critical step to take at this point is to check the hair, especially its direction. While doing so, keep an eye out for scrapes, grazes, or moles on the skin. If present, it might be a good idea to consult a dermatologist who will provide solutions.


    Hot towel shaves necessitate the use of a small clean towel, preferably a face or hand towel. If at all feasible, use a barber’s towel to get a more effective outcome. These products retain more moisture and heat, allowing for a faster shaving experience.

    Don’t jump right into steaming the face towel just yet. Small drops of sandalwood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils from Revive would go a long way toward making the experience more calming and invigorating. These oils are widely accessible at health food stores.

    Use scented shaving oil in the absence of essential oil, as some of these products can be expensive, especially sandalwood. Apply the oil to the dry towel.

    Hot Towel Shave

    Heating the Towel

    There are three approaches to getting a towel heated. However, keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of heat that the towel can retain to prevent scalding or burning the skin. The facial skin is more sensitive than the palms. So, if one’s hands can’t manage the heat from the towel, one’s face will most likely be unable to as well.

    If the towel becomes too hot to handle, allow it to cool down quickly to a safe temperature by draining the hot water. Here are some ways to heat the towel.

    Use Kettle-Boiled Water

    While making an early morning coffee or tea, why not save some water for the hot towel shave as well? Simply place the towel in a bowl and soak it in boiling water from the kettle. At this point, the towel will be quite hot, so handle it with caution. Even better, wait for a few minutes before wringing out the towel to prevent scalding.

    Place the Towel Under Hot Running Water

    Another method for making a heated towel is to soak it in a bathroom sink with hot running water. Depending on the heater and the temperature selected, obtaining hot water quickly may take some time. However, this approach makes it easy to maintain the towel hot enough to get the ideal shaving result. 

    Use a Microwave

    This method also provides a quick way to heat a towel. The process is also straightforward. Wet and wring out the towel, leaving it somewhat moist. Place it in a heat-resistant glass dish and place it in a microwave. Remove it after 30 seconds of heating. Using this approach would require frequent trips between the kitchen, where the microwave is placed, and the bathroom, as it may be repeated.

    Steps to Applying the Hot Towel

    Having met all the requirements discussed, it is time to start shaving using a heated towel and a blade. Here are some quick guidelines.

    Place the Hot Towel on the Face

    Allow a few minutes after applying the hot cloth for the face to thoroughly absorb the heat. This procedure keeps the pores open and the skin clean. Not only that, but it also softens the hair, making shaving easier.

    Apply Shaving Cream

    Pour shaving cream into a bowl and whisk with a brush to form a lather. Add some drops of boiling water. Apply it to the face in circular motions to lift the hairs.

    Start Shaving

    Before shaving, stretch the skin to create a level shaving surface. Apply the blade with less pressure, starting with the sideburns. Wipe the blade after each sweep to ensure a clean shave. Take precautions when shaving the moustache and chin.Work the blade around these regions, ensuring that no strand of unwanted hair is left behind.

    Apply a Hot Towel

    Place a hot towel on the shaved area to open the pores again for aftercare treatment. Inspect the skin surface for any strand of hair previously missed. If none, massage the skin with shaving gel for about a minute. This product provides moisturization, disinfects any grazes or cuts, and closes the pores.

    The Bottom Line

    Shaving may be a painful or enjoyable experience for some people, depending on the approach. Even so, it just takes a few seconds. It enables hair removal from any area of the face, from the neck to the chin, in a matter of seconds. Using a heated towel, shaving cream, and ultimately shaving can eradicate those hairs before they have a chance to grow back. Besure to do some research to find the right salon.

    The basic beard and moustache grooming approach covered in this guide will suffice for limited times, such as an early rush hour or the time between office closure and a dinner date. Remember that a shaven face looks and feels better than a stubble one.


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