What to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day

    As a beard-loving dude, you probably have plenty on your mind other than what you plan on getting your mom for Mother’s Day. But, of course, your mom is your mom – you’ve got to get her something amazing that she’ll love and cherish until the end of her days.

    This Mother’s Day, don’t just cop out with a boring gift card again. Wow her with a personalized, thoughtful gift that will remind her why she had you in the first place. If you’re a little confused about what it is that moms crave, we can help.

    Check out this list of awesome mom-worthy gifts that you can use to thank your mom this Mother’s Day.


    They’re simple; they’re timeless; they’re all natural. Flowers are an amazing option because they’re beautiful, and, truth is, moms just can’t get enough of them. Put together a gorgeous bouquet or have one sent straight to her door – either way, it’s sure to knock her socks off.

    Along with your flowers, be sure to write a heartfelt card. The flowers will wither, but the message in your letter will last forever, so make it come from the heart.


    If you want something a little more long-lasting than a simple bouquet, opt for a plan instead! Mother’s Day plant delivery services make this even easier if you and your mom don’t live in the same town.

    Even from miles away, your mom is sure to love the thoughtfulness of your plant gift. Flowering plants combine the best of both worlds, so consider a peace lily or small potted orchid for a thoughtful and vibrant gift option. 


    Let’s face it: moms love wine. If your mom is a fan of that delightful grape beverage, show her that you support her habits by getting her the gift of a luxurious and expensive bottle! Fine wine is an amazing gift because it also can be shared.

    Have a few glasses of Chardonnay with your mom and let her regale you with stories of her youth, laughing over the similarities and differences between the two of you.

    Cozy blanket

    Moms can get a little chilly sometime. If you know your mom loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with the dog after a long day, make it all the cozier with a throw blanket! Pro tip?  Try out a cooling weighted blanket.

    These awesome innovative new comfort-boosters offer the soothing weight of sand on you, allowing you to melt into an ocean of coziness. Your mom is sure to be thrilled with the gift!

    A puppy

    Okay, this one is admittedly a little risker, but hey, why not take a chance? If you know that your mom has been hankering for a furry friend in her life, why not take the hassle and indecision out of the way for her and supply her with a brand-new puppy!

    The little fella is bound to bring her tons of joy, and if you’ve recently moved out of the house, something to cuddle with instead of her darling boy. 

    A kitten

    This one is pretty much the same idea as the puppy, except maybe your mom actually prefers cats to dogs. There’s no one right answer; each mom is unique. Just be sure to take special care to note whether your mom prefers cats or dogs – you can usually tell based on whether she has cute cat decorations or puppy themed ones in her home.

    A gift basket

    If you’re too nervous to get your mom a single big-ticket item, delight her with an assorted gift basket of fun and interesting objects. Some dark chocolate, some gourmet coffee, a pair of warm socks, and a bouquet of flowers – there you have it, a mom-worthy gift basket she’s sure to delight in! 

    An evening of fun

    Not all gifts have to be material objects. You could also treat your mom to a fun night out on the town! Go to a movie, have a nice dinner, and maybe go for a walk around town. At the end of the day, if you’re an adult, your mom probably just misses you. Showing her that you still want to hang out is a great gift all on its own!

    Make this Mother’s Day special by getting your mom the gift of her dreams! 


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