5 Ways on How Real Gentlemen Take Care of Their Body

    Being a gentleman goes beyond genetics, you have to take care of your physical appearance as well. That said, you should avoid going overboard, you do not have to be vain to look good. Good appearance is important, but being self-obsessed is a problem that you should still avoid.

    1. Avoid Stress

    The body does not just benefit from physical care, such as proper and regular grooming, but Psychological care as well. A gentleman that wants to uphold their health has to avoid anything that could put their physical health at risk, and this includes avoiding stress.

    Stress has been linked to premature aging, poor health habits, and inadequate exercise. You could even get an illness like a Candida infection from stress. So, avoid stress and things that stress you for a healthier body. A healthy gentlemanly body is created from within.

    2. Eat Healthy

    Without eating properly, not even exercise and a winning attitude can keep your body healthy. Therefore, you have to be very careful about what you eat. Obviously, you should avoid junk food, and unhealthy things like too much sugar and salt.

    Nowadays, there are many organic food choices, and they are quite tasty as well. So, make sure you eat right because food determines how your body will perform and how healthy it will be now and in future.

    Eating healthy will make you more energetic, help you keep your weight in check, and encourage you to make healthier lifestyle choices such as avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

    3. Take a Break from Technology

    You might be a modern gentleman in every right, and own a lot of fancy gadgets, but that does not mean these devices should be the focus of your every waking moment. Every once in a while, take a break from your smartphone, computer or tablet and enjoy nature.

    Better yet, try to have face to face conversations with other people, finding out about them and what is going on in their lives.

    man on tablet

    There is more to life than posting on social media and doing other things on your phone. Besides, spending time away from technology can give your mind time to relax so that you can re-organize your thoughts and have a more fulfilling life.

    4. Groom Yourself, But Don’t Overdo It

    There is a world of difference between spending some time taking good care of your looks and wasting too much of your time. So, spending an entire hour locked in your bathroom goes beyond taking care of your body into making you less gentlemanly.

    Fortunately, even the makers of personal care items understand this fact. That is why you will find many products in the market today that will make you spend less time in the bathroom grooming yourself so that you can focus on more important activities of the day.

    man shaving at home

    This is not to say you should get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible and compromise your appearance in the process. It is important to take your time trimming those nose hairs, your beard and taking care of other minor issues that hold the key to having a great appearance. But spending 2 hours in the bathroom preparing yourself every day are certainly not the way to do it.

    Additionally, making time for regular dental visits is also important. Your dental health contributes not only to your overall health but also to your physical appearance. Check out this dentist in delray beach Florida if you’re in the area and looking for one.

    5. Have an Exercise Routine

    There is nothing gentlemanly about having a sedentary lifestyle and letting yourself goal. Your goals in life should extend beyond your career into having a healthy lifestyle through a proper exercise and fitness routine.

    So, you should make a point of workout a given amount of time a week, preferably every day. Working out can make you look good, and it is very healthy for your body as well.

    Fortunately, you do not have to spend several hours grunting in the gym everyday to enjoy the health benefits of a good workout. Nowadays, there are a lot of effective exercise routines for busy people, and they can be done at home and for very short amounts of time. So, there is no excuse for not working out in order to take care of your body.

    It pays to take care of your body as a gentleman, but you don’t have to let it turn into an obsession. After all, being a gentleman is not only about how you look physically, you have to work on the inside as well. Check out our post on some great valentines gifts for fitness junkies for some inspiration.

    The right attitude and a healthy mind are important also. But generally speaking, taking care of your body includes following regular grooming routines, dressing appropriately and adhering to behaviors and mannerisms that will have the best impact on your body.

    Are you following all of these tips? Be sure to let us know how they have helped you by dropping a message in the comments.


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