5 Things Every Gentleman Should Learn To Do

    As a gentleman, there are many things that you are expected to know and do. There are no limits to the kinds of things that a man should do. However, there are some basic things that they should not be ignorant about, especially when they are with other men. As such, we shall discuss some of the basic things that a gentleman is expected to know and do before other men. For instance, the issue of mixing vodka and other drinks during a party should not be a big deal. For the gentlemen who would like to learn about mixing drinks, they can take advantage of the fact that we have More vodka recipes here.

    Here are 5 things that every gentleman should learn to do:

    1. Making mixed drinks during parties

    It is inevitable that you will invite friends and relatives to most of your parties. Are you able to mix drinks for them? What sort of drinks will be availed in the party? As a gentleman, you need to learn how to mix drinks and to some extent be able to make some simple drinks to be consumed during the party. There are many websites that can teach you how to do this. You have to be ready to learn though.

    1. Learn how to sew back buttons

    As a gentleman, you need to know how to sew buttons onto your shirts, trousers or jackets. There are many times when these buttons will fall off and you will not need to take these back to the tailors to sew them back. As such, a gentleman needs to have threads, sewing needles and all other accessories required for this exercise. The good thing with learning this skill is that it will help you even when you have your kids. You can teach them how to sew back their buttons or do it for them.

    1. Learn how to make budgets and stick to them

    It is important to learn how to make budgets and stick to them. You should be aware of the money you make, the amounts you have to spend on the basics and how much will be left for savings. If you are not going to learn how to make savings and budget for your income, it is going to be difficult for you to make financial decisions in the future. A good budget can teach you how to save for the rainy days or even how to save for vacations.

    man tying a tie

    1. How to tie a tie

    There are many men who do not know how to tie a tie. This is not good but one of the best ways to improve on the skill is to learn from the best. If you are interested in learning, you can watch the many YouTube videos available on how to tie a tie. You could also ask a friend to teach you how to do this. Remember that this skill would come in handy to teach your kids how to do the same.

    1. Learn how to negotiate

    A gentleman needs to know how to negotiate in the different situations that he will be faced with. Always learn to convey what you feel is your value. A gentleman should never take things at face value. Your worth should always be compensated and your worth is what you need to negotiate for all the time.


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