Men’s Guide to Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

    Something peculiar, but immensely positive has occurred in the recent years, quite possibly thanks to the millennials. Namely, the focus of spending one’s disposable income has shifted from material goods to experiences. People are adopting minimalism not only as a fashion choice, but as an actual lifestyle. Instead of having a large number of possessions, whether domestic, clothing or any other ones, younger generations are pouring their income into wellness, travel, great food and the overall quality living.

    Minimalism is closely intertwined with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, as both entail ownership of a small but well-curated number of clothing garments and accessories. It may sound like a sacrifice – owning a fairly small and finite number of items, but if you choose them wisely you’ll soon pleasantly discover that a finite number of garments provides you with endless outfit possibilities, not to mention that it makes the process of creating an outfit immensely easier and less time consuming. Hence, you would be well-advised to stick around, take notes and create your very own wardrobe capsule; your future ultra-fashionable self will thank you.

    The Palate Cleanse

    It doesn’t matter how much clothes you have; if your closet makes it difficult for you to get dressed, then there is something wrong with it. Like many other men, you must have fallen prey to trends a few times in your life and have purchased things on an impulse and now they have no place in your already established sense of style. This is why the creation of any capsule wardrobe must inevitably start with a good cleanse – things which are now old, dingy and worn out should go, and so should things you bought for inexplicable reasons and actually never wore. Outdated styles, things that come in patterns that are too loud and busy to be matched with anything else you own belong to the ‘to go’ pile as well, as well as everything you haven’t worn for a year or more.

    Once the storm has passed 

    Cleansing is a huge chunk of work in the overall process, so if you’ve gone through it and came through to the other side, kudos to you. Now it’s time to have some fun. The first thing you must pay attention to when filling in the gaps of what is left of your wardrobe – e.g. purchasing new things is the color palette. The foundation of a great capsule wardrobe lies in a well-thought through color selection. It’s vital for all your clothes to mesh well together and the first step towards achieving that is a smart color selection.

    capsule wardrobe

    Just as with minimalism, a great capsule wardrobe consists of different shades of grey, navy, black, white, camel – generally neutral hues. These blend together like a charm, not to mention they look luxurious and pricey, so wherever you go, you will always look dapper.

    Bare Necessities

    As mentioned, the entire purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to do more with less. For that, however, to be possible, you must be willing to invest in high-quality garments that won’t only stand the test of time in terms of their ‘trendy shelf-life’, but physically stand the test of time. You don’t want to purchase cheap items which you will throw away again in three months. Aside from the color factor, the quality of the fabric is essential for the durability and lifespan of a garment.

    For instance, if you’re a man living in Australia, the first goal is to get one or two excellently tailored suits in Melbourne or any other larger city, that won’t only be there for you for any formal occasion, but will also fit like a glove and last you till the end of the world. A great suit is something every man needs, so when making this investment, play your cards right. The same goes for jeans – classic dark wash ones that compliment your body type and fit you great are key. Feel free to invest in several of these over the course of time, and don’t be apprehensive about spending a little more – remember, you’re spending more now so you are able to spend way less in the future.

    man writing white tee

    When it comes to T-shirts, keep things neat and simple: stock up on high-quality basic grey, black and white ones that you can mix and match with ease. A white oxford shirt is a definite must, along with another classic white dress shirt as a backup. A quality crew sweater, a couple of them for that matter, preferably cashmere, are your transitional period go-tos, along with a great leather jacket, black or brown. A simple checkered blazer is a great and versatile piece of outerwear as well, but don’t let the importance of a classic trench coat, a piece of outerwear that makes any man look ultra-dashing, slip through your fingers. Summer shorts in neutral hues will save the day, and so will a pair of Birkenstock sandals. As for other footwear, in the name of athleisure, go for a sleek pair of white tennis shoes, and for more formal occasions stick with a black pair of brogue shoes.

    The Accessory Game  

    If you’re the type of a man who, whether as a personal style preference of professional necessity needs to own a bag, always go with a minimalistic design, fine leather and no embellishments whatsoever. As for the rest, a pair of sunglasses that fit you like they were made for you is almost everything you need. To finalize your accessory collection, the only thing missing is a great watch, but if you’re not a watch person, don’t pressure yourself into being one.

    capsule wardrobeLast but not least

    The word ‘fit’ has been mentioned a couple of times, and this is something that can’t be emphasized enough – for your capsule wardrobe to complete its destiny, aside from durable fabrics and amazing design, the clothes simply must fit you perfectly. You can have the most gorgeous suit in the world, but if there is something wrong about the way it hangs on you, then you’ve made a bad choice. So, always keep the pillars of minimalism in mind – quality over quantity, color palette family and perfect fit. By following these three simple rules, everything new you ever bring into your closet will blend in with the rest.


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